Let’s Discuss: Bisexual Myths

1) Bisexual men and women are equally attracted to both sexes

Research as shown that bisexual women may indeed show an equal attraction for both female and male sexual partners. However, in men it has been shown that although attracted to both sexes, they show a stronger preference to men. A group of women and men tested in a controlled setting measuring their sexual arousal to scenes of sexual activity of both men and women. Heterosexual men/women showed the expected preference for the opposite sex (no surprise there). The same went for the homosexual participants preferences for the same sex. But when the men who reported their preferences as bisexual; 75% had the same arousal patterns as homosexuals and the remaining 25% the same as heterosexual. Don’t misunderstand me 100% of the men were bisexual but tended to show more of a preference for one sex over another with all other things being equal. Women who were tested appeared to be equally attracted to both sexes.

2) If you have ever had same gender sex then you are a bisexual

If you have EVER had sex with another person of the same sex you are a bisexualâÂ?¦NO. Bisexuality is a sexual orientation just as much as heterosexual or homosexuality is. If you have only “experimented” or participated in group sex but you live a straight/gay lifestyle and maintain that sexual orientation then you aren’t bisexual.

3) Bisexuals are promiscuous and can’t have a monogamous relationship

Bisexuals are no more or less promiscuous then their straight or gay counterparts. Some have relationships with one partner of either sex at a time for varying periods of time. Some have multiple relationships at the same time. They are no more promiscuous then other groups of people.

4) Being bisexual means that you have concurrant relationships with both sexes.

No. It means they have the potential to become involve and/or even go so far as to marry someone of either gender. Just as a married straight male/female chooses to not act out on his/her “non-monogamous” sexual fantasies, neither does a monogamous bisexual. They can choose a monogamous or non-monogamous lifestyle, no more/or less, than any other group of people.

5) Being bisexual isn’t a sexual orientation like gay or straight. If they wanted to; they could be straight.

No. They may choose to live in one particular lifestyle be it gay or straight but they will continue to be attracted to both sexes. It isn’t anymore of a choice than being gay or straight.

6) Bisexuals are really gay they just doing want to admit it.

Many bisexuals align themselves with gay issue rights and gay communities to try make themselves more visible as a legitimate sexual orientation both socially and politically. However, their sexual orientation does remain bisexual. However, they are often grouped under the homosexual genre by society. This is due mostly to lack of understanding of the phenomenon by society at large.

7) Bisexuals can hide their sexual orientation since they can pretend to be straight.

Trying to pass for “straight” is no less painful and traumatic to bisexuals then it is for homosexual trying to keep their sexual orientation hidden and “in the closet”.

8) Bisexuals don’t have it near as rough as gays.

In some ways they have it worse because of the poor understanding and acceptance of their lifestyle and sexual orientation. They also suffer the same job and legal discriminations as homosexuals.

9) Bisexuality is just a trasition phase before becoming gay.

There are some people who go through a phase of these before adopting a gay or lesbian lifestyle. There are many men/women that bisexuality is a long-term orientation for them.

10) Bisexuals were the ones who spread AIDS to the straight people.

To start with, AIDS can be transmitted in more ways the just sex, such as unsafe sex, blood transfer from either dirty needles, blood transfusions, blood transference (mother to child). Not only is this statement not true it also adds to the discrimination against those of bisexual orientation.

11) Men who have sex with both genders considered bisexual but women who do are either doing it to please a man or lesbians.

Women are just as likely to be bisexual due to their sexual orientation as men are. It is a much lesser societal prohibition for women to have sex with both male and females then it is for men.

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