Living with a Relative

The experience of living with a relative for a few weeks, months or days is something that most people go through. For some people, living with a relative can be an awful and awckward experience while for other people it can be a pleasantly surprising experience. Here are some helpful ways of getting along when living with a relative and making the experience a pleasant one.

First, when living with a relative, know the type of person they are. Hold old or young are they? What are their interests? Will your relative’s schedules and activities conflict with your own? Also learn if having him or her in your house of if you being in their house poses a problem for anyone.

One of the first steps you should take if you are hosting a relative or friend living with you is to go over any potential problems that might arise. Do they keep their room neat? How early do they have to wake up in the mourning? These are all questions that when you know the answer to can help you become more comfortable and happier when hosting a guest or relative to live with you.

Also, the reason why a relative might be living with you often vaies. Maybe they are having problems at home or need a place to stay. Many times guests will go out of their way to do chores for you or be happy to be living with you.

Knowing basic things such as what foods they eat can be helpful when buying groceries. You can also work out a payment schedule for things that you need help paying such as the food bill or electric. These are all added costs that will go up as a result of living with another person. You will now be supporting another person depending on their financial situation.

Sometimes a problem may arrise if you want a relative to stay with you for a period of time but there is no guest room that is vacated or no extra bed. If that is the case, try and go out of your way and make them as comfortable as possible because they will not be having their own room or bed.

Try to give your guest as much privacy as possible because there will be times when they are in a bad mood due to stress or work and they will not want to see you even though you will be living together. A good idea is to find out if either of you work out at a fitness gym and use that time to get away from the other person to give them their space to do their own thing.

A final suggestion is to lay down the ground rules of your house. Each person has their own pet peeves and it is important to tell your guest your concerns. Communication when living with another person is one of the most important things to remember.

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