KicKee Pants: First Person Review of the Cotton Candy T-Shirt

As a product reviewer with Theresa’s Reviews, I recently received a free item from kids’ clothing company KicKee Pants for my oldest daughter. Something that stuck out to me about the brand was the motto “celebrate innocence.” I’m a big believer in keeping kids looking like kids. As a mom of two kids under age four, I want my children to look age appropriate. When I was a kid, I attended Catholic schools where I was required to wear dorky looking uniforms to keep me looking age appropriate. I like my children to look young because that’s how I was raised. I appreciated having the opportunity to review a size 4T Piece Print Tee in Lotus Cotton Candy. The t-shirt typically retails at $22 and is currently on sale for $17.50.

My Experience With The T-Shirt
As the daughter of a quilter, I pay a lot of attention to the fabric companies use to make their clothing. I was pleasantly surprised with the luxurious softness, stretchiness, and breathability of the fabric. My daughter was able to move around without having her clothes limit her movement. Playing requires comfortable, stretchy clothes. The shirt stretched with movement, which was important to my daughter, who is a runner and a dancer who loves playing in the dirt to study science. While trying the shirt out for a couple weeks, my daughter was able to easily engage in active play.

As I used to volunteer in the fashion industry and intern for photographers, I like when my kids’ clothes have a fashionable look. I live in a small town where style matters. I often take my daughter on shopping trips in the hip city of Nashville, Tennessee, around Hillsboro Village and Green Hills. I always run into someone I know, and I like to have my family show a sense of fashionability. Because the clothes were trendy, I was excited to take my daughter on trips to the city in her new outfit.

My daughter was comfortable in the car and never had a problem with the fit of the clothes even after running errands all day. I had to beg my daughter to change clothes later to get into pajamas, and I watched her beg me to wear the shirt again the next day. The clothes had a charming and trendy style. My daughter, who is tall and slim, is 3 1/2 years old. The shirt fit comfortably with plenty of extra room. While examining the fit of the item, I thought the shirt fit true to size and I didn’t notice it shrink after washing and drying it.

Receiving a free item from the company helped inform my writing, but in no way influenced my opinions.

The Contributor was given a gift or sample to inform this content.

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