Must-know Facts When Buying a Designer Purse Online

Designer purses are a woman’s ultimate accessory. But remember when you do indulge in this materialistic hedonism you take some precautions, so you can fully enjoy your new baby. Here are a few tips I have learned the from shopping online and retail.

1. If any logo of the designer is cut off (like the LV of Louis Vuitton, or the C of Coach) its probably a fake. Also patterns remain consistent. This is the most common dead give away of any imitation bag. Examine patterns of the jacquard fabric purses. My favorite example is Coach, if you examine an authentic you will see that many imitation Coach bags have the pattern backwards!

2. If shipping on an auction site (like Ebay) is insanely expensive and a seller has tons and tons of similar style designer purses, it might not be real. Ask for a receipt if it’s a resale. Also be cautious, many underground websites offer fake retail receipts you can print on. Ask for maybe a credit card receipt, or statement, with the name of the seller and account information blocked out if you have any doubts. If the purse is real, most sellers will go out of their way to satisfy the buyer. A friend of mine actually got a letter from CITI Card directly on behalf of a seller to verify it was a purchase form a Louis Vuittion store.

3. Just because a bag has a serial number doesn’t mean anything. Fakes have them to. Examine the pictures, and scrutinize. Many designers have pictures on their websites of the products. If you can reach a location where an authentic purse is sold, visit it and inspect it inside out yourself. In addition, most designer bags have their logos or insignia plastered almost anywhere they can. From zippers, to buttons, to handles, interior; its all about branding and marketing.

3. NEVER BUY ANYTHING THAT IS NOT THE ACTUAL PICTURE OF THE ITEM FOR SALE, unless your buying for a reputable dealer like:

4. Why buy when you can rent, return it and get a new one when your tiered (the perfect relationship). Recently featured in Vogue, and other leading fashion magazines, luxury purse leasing is the latest new trend in Beverly Hills, and other posh locations. Even Time Magazine had a feature article in this new entrepreneurial niche that business MEN have tapped into. I WAS SCHOKED TO HAVE ACTUALLY NEVER THOUGH OF THIS MYSELF. From Bags to Riches ( and Bag Borrow or Steal, are tow of the leading programs available currently that are tapping into this hand bag obsession (

5. There shouldn’t be any major stitching inconsistencies. Also the hardware should match in color, and if it’s fading to a dissimilar color there may be a problem. Most hardware is brass, and should not feel pliable. Some normal discoloration is acceptable if it is a used bag (I mean nothing is impenetrable, even designer handbags); but you can tell the difference in color fading in hardware. For example, Vuitton hardware turns a darker brass color (it originally is gold plated), it should not be lighter once the gold platting is compromised.

6. Be wary of international sellers. Plain and simple, Asians are the masters of replication. You will be surprised at the amazing quality handbags coming out of China. I saw a Marc Jacobs that was virtually identical�EXCEPT that the hardware of the Hobo was smaller than the traditional Marc Jacobs buckle, and the studs where flat on the side, instead of rounded. Again this is why I can not emphasize enough that inspection of original details in fundamental to purchasing any luxury bag online.

7. The materials should be top quality, even after years of wear and tear, they keep their integrity. So make sure when you look at a used the bag, to keep that in mind.

8. NO RETURN POLICY NO SALE. Plain and simple, you do not want some one to run away with your hard earned cash.

9. The more pictures of the item, the better. Don’t hesitate to ask for more, it allows you to inspect the quality over the next.

10. Inspect the most minor details of an authentic, and then ask an online seller a question, or even a trick question. For example, the Prada coat of arms shape; this is the most common mistake on replica bags, after the font of the actual Prada brand. You will be surprised how easily you can find out if your bag is real or fake.

I know this sounds crazy, but court your bag. Visit it at the mall. The more you know about your purchase, the more likely you will not get ripped off.

Happy Online Shopping!

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