Naming Your Dog: A Pet Guide

You’ve got your new dog home. You bought a bunch of new chew toys, a nice soft dog bed, and some dog bones. There is still one thing left to do: Choose a name for your dog. Here are a few pointers in how to pick the perfect name for your new freind.

Examine your dog’s personality:

Sometimes dogs just name themelves. Don’t name your pet right away, give your new dog some time to adjust to thier new home. Is there anything obvious in there nature that just screams out?

Look at your dog’s breed:

Another good place to start is to look at what breed of dog your new friend is. Often you can find the inspiration for a name there.

Look at the color of your dog’s coat:

Somtimes the answer is right in front of you. If your pet has a unique color or you just want a name that goes well with your pet, looking at that could be a good solution to finding your new pet’s name.

Look at your dog’s physical features:

Dose your new dog have long floppy ears or a droppy face? Take a look and see if your dog has any features that they could be named after.

Consider human names for your dog:

Some people think that dogs should have “dog” names like Spike or Fido. Other owners are comfartable giving their puppy a name like Jill. If you are one of these people, take a look at a baby name book for good ideas.

Whatever name you choose, just remember that your dog’s name will be with them for life. Make sure that it is somthing that they, and you, can both be happy with.

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