How to Breed Saltwater Fish

Saltwater fish are the ones that spend almost their entire life in salt water reservoirs such as oceans or salt lakes. If you are planning to breed saltwater fish artificially, in your own aquarium or homemade tank, make sure the water has a salinity of more than 0.05%. The most common and popular type of saltwater fish that you can breed is clownfish.

Things Required:

– Breeding pair
– A 150 gallon tank
– Saltwater
– Live Rock
– Sand
– Fake plants
– Lightening
– Harmless filter system


  • 1

    Set the tank

    The first step when breeding a saltwater fish or any other type of fish is to setup a tank. Take a tank with a capacity of at least 150 gallons and fill it with saltwater. Also add live rocks, sand, fake plants and the lighting for the tank along with fixing the filter.

  • 2

    Cycle the newly established tank

    Before you add your pair of saltwater fish to the tank, you need to go through the cycling process to keep your clownfish (or any other saltwater fish) from the new tank syndrome. Add a few healthy breeding fish to the tank and let them have a stable population in the tank before you add your expensive pair of saltwater fish.

  • 3

    Get a pair of saltwater fish

    Purchase a pair of clownfish from your native breeder and allow them to mature in the tank. Overtime, one of the two fishes will get bigger than the other and become the dominating female.

  • 4

    Adjust tank light for proper breeding

    Breeding usually takes place in the dark, so it is necessary to set a timer on the tank light. Leave your fishes in the dark for at least a couple of hours daily.

  • 5

    Observe the eggs

    The eggs laid by your clownfish will initially be bright orange, but they will mature over time and not only the colour will change but larvae eyes will also appear.

  • 6

    Move the eggs to established fry tank

    When the colour of the eggs changes to silver, they are ready to hatch. Move them to an established fry tank to give the baby clownfish maximum chances to survive.

  • 7

    Feed your baby clownfish

    Feed your baby clownfish with rotifers a number of times every day. This will considerably decrease the mortality rate of the clownfish larvae.

  • 8

    Add baby clownfish back into regular tank

    Add your baby clownfish to the original tank only after they get their stripes.

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