Latest Pet Trend: My Pet Stop, Resort and Care Center for Pets

My Pet Stop is the latest trend to hit the pet loving population in the UK with facilities in Leeds and Manchester, My Pet Stop is both a resort for pets and a pet care center. The huge, spacious resort offers a variety of state of the art services to help pets manage or recover from an illness and/or to better their health in general.

Primarily, My Pet Stop treats dogs and cats, but all pets are welcome from dogs and cats to guinea pigs and reptiles.

The dogs and cats have an opportunity to board at My Pet Store in luxurious two room apartments, where one room is dedicated to eating and sleeping and the other to play. They are checked on and assessed daily throughout the entirety of their visit.

Also available at this interesting new resort for pets is a grooming center, a training center ad a pool for exercise and circulation stimulation through hydrotherapy. The dogs are put into a four-foot warm pool at 27 degrees Celsius and are assisted in doing laps and a variety of different exercises that turn out to be more fun than a chore. The dogs also get to perform playful, fun exercises with activities such as obstacle courses in which they strengthen their muscles and get a cardiovascular workout by jumping over fences and other challenging relay tasks.

Some of the health care services that My Pet Stop and Banfield (that’s the hospital) provide are weight management, dental care, flea/worm treatment and prevention methods, spaying/neutering, vaccines and even behavioral counseling.

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