Brushing Your Dog: A Grooming Guide

Your dog needs to be brushed often to keep them feeling and looking thier best. Dogs love to run and play, they can get very messy sometimes. Dogs need to be bathed often but another important part of their grooming is brushing. Most dogs love the attention of being brushed, but some need time to get used to brushing.

When brushing your dog for the first time, only spend about five to ten minutes brushing them.You can go for a bit longer if they seem to be handleing everything fine. Most dogs don’t have any extra sensitive area that you need to aviod. If your dog has one that you know of be sure to aviod brushing there, at least untill your dog is more used to being brushed.

A dog with a short coat that is prone to tangling and becoming messy needs to be brushed once a week. The first step is to gently get all of the tangles out if there fur with a slicker brush. Be careful not to hurt your dog in the process, they may start to assosiate being brushed with pain. This would cause both your dog and you distress. Once all of the tangles are out brush your dog from head to tail with a regular bristel brush.

A dog that has a short and smooth coat is much easier to deal with. Again they need to be brushed once a week. Use a regular bristal brush to groom your dog. Make sure that you groom every part of the coat. Even a smooth coated dog needs brushed regularly to be happy and healthy.

Dogs that have long coats are prone to tangles and matting. You will need to brush them everyday to make sure that they stay tangle free. First you must carefully and gently get all of the tangles out with a slicker brush. Make sure that you get every part of the coat beacuse any left over tangles will give you a problem later. Again be sure not to hurt the dog as it could sour the experience for the both of you. Next brush your dog head to tail with a bristle brush. Make sure that you brush every part of the dog and remove all of the excess hair.

Brushing should be a fun and relaxing experience for both you and your furry freind. Follow these steps and soon you will be finished brushing your dog so you can go and play.

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