Cut Down on Your Dog’s Car Chasing

Some dogs love to chase after cars, mine does, especially if it is a car that makes loud noises like a truck. Most dogs chase cars because of their natural instinct to chase anything that invades their territory and moves swiftly. Notice how a dog will chase a person running on the sidewalk or running anywhere – that’s why people that are strangers to dogs should not run from a dog. Dogs instinctively believe the person or car in this case, is invading their territory and moving quickly trying to get away, distract, or attack the dog. This activity is normal and natural for animals but if you insist on trying to get your dog to chase after toys instead of cars there are a number of ways to cut down on your dog’s car chasing.

One way to cut down on your dog’s car chasing is to limit his range to chase cars. Attaching a chain to his choke collar will prevent them to some extent from chasing down every car that drives by. You can either purchase a chain that gives them some space to run or you can purchase the type of chain that pulls your dog back, however, make sure it doesn’t yank your dog’s neck. You can use loud noises to try and deter your dog from chasing cars. Get into an unfamiliar car, if possible, drive by and pop balloons or make some other loud noise that will startle your dog. Dogs hate loud noises and this may work for certain dogs to prevent them from chasing cars. However, like my dog, one reason why some dogs chase after cars is because of the loud noise they make.

To prevent your dog from being injured or killed when chasing cars, keep them off of the street. Make sure they are in a fenced in yard or on a chain in the yard. Most county laws prohibit people from allowing their dogs to be on the loose not chained or not in a fenced in yard. Your dog should be tied up in the yard or fenced in for other people’s protection as well as theirs. Another way to cut down on your dog’s car chasing is to give them plenty of toys, especially those that make noises, they can chase after or that will occupy their time. Also, give your dog plenty of exercise. They will cut down on car chasing if they are too tired from other engaging in other exciting activities.

Finally, in order to cut down on your dog’s car chasing you may need to take them to a training or obedience school. If your dog is fenced in the yard or is on a chain that allows them enough room to chase a car without being in the street or getting injured, there is not a problem with your dog chasing cars think of it as a good short workout and an outlet for your dog.

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