How to Feed a Pet Scorpion

Scorpions are nowadays getting popular as an exotic pet. Remember that 24 out of 1500 species of scorpions are known to be deadly so you need to buy one which could be kept as a pet. You should avoid coaching a scorpion. Emperor scorpions are mostly sold by pet shops as they are less harmful. However, you need to handle it carefully as its sting is as strong as a bee. You can easily take care of scorpions as they are low maintenance and inexpensive. If you provide your pet with proper foot, it can live for almost eight to ten years. Scorpions usually feed on live crickets and you can easily feed them.


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    Give scorpions a diet of crickets

    You need to get live feeder crickets from your local pet store and give them to your exotic pet. You can also buy crickets from your local bait and tackle store. Then you need to keep the crickets into their own cage until it is time to feed scorpions. Simply take the crickets out and transfer into the scorpion cage. Crickets are nutritious bugs which are good for scorpions.

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    Offer crickets one at a time

    Take a pair of tongs and use it to feed the scorpions one at a time. It is possible that the scorpion might eat two or three cricket at a time. He might even fail to eat any cricket at all. So it is strongly recommended to pick a cricket and feed a scorpion at a time. You need to feed the scorpions every other day.

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    Supplement the scorpion cricket diet with mealworms

    You should add some other food items with cricket in order to supplement the scorpion’s cricket diet. You can add moths or mealworms with crickets for this purpose. Remember that these items are easily available from your local pet store or bait and tackle store.

  • 4

    Feed at night

    In order to give your scorpions their natural feeding habitat, you should feed them in night.

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    Place a shallow water dish

    You need to place a shallow water dish near your scorpion. Remember to fill it maximum and with fresh water.

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