Top Pet Carriers for Under $100

So you want to take your cat or dog on a little trip. Whether its only the local veterinarian down the road, or a couple hours ride in the car to a relative, cats and dogs sometimes have a tendency not to behave in the car, and the last thing you need is a handful of sharp claws digging into your shoulder as you are trying to navigate the roads and highways, or a bouncing puppy distracting you.

A pet carrier is of course a necessary component of traveling with your cat or dog, and with an extensive variety to choose from, you should have no problem finding a well-made, well-suited pet carrier for under $100. Of course, you can find pet carriers significantly cheaper, even as low as $20-$30 dollars, but in this article we will focus on more expensive models, suitable for moderate to heavy usage, rather than just the occasional short trip. The pet carriers in this article are also for small to medium sized pets, able to fit all cats and perhaps medium sized dogs.

With a solid paw grasping hold of the pet carrier industry, Pet Gear has a large line of pet carriers available. The Pet Gear “Home ‘N Go” Soft Sided Pet Crate is one such pet carrier, and it is available in a varied selection of colors and different sizes to suit your needs. The soft pet carrier is the ultimate for pet comfortability, and easy to carry without strain or awkwardness. For cats and dogs who have no desire to be placed into the pet carrier, the Pet Gear Pet Crate features multiple areas that can be opened or closed quickly, making it a fairly simple process of getting your cat or dog in the carrier.

The corners of the Pet Gear Pet Crate are sturdily reinforced yet rounded to protect against scratches and bumps, and the steel frame maintains the shape of the pet carrier. The pet carrier comes equipped with a comfortable fleece pad for your pet to lay on, a waterproof inner tray that can be easily removed for cleaning, pockets for treats or toys, and an identification tag. The Pet Gear Pet Crate is an ideal traveling pet carrier for the most fussy of cats and dogs.

If you require your pet to be able to travel by air, than aside from airsick pills or tranquilizers, you may want to invest in the Sherpa Pet Delta Air Lines Deluxe Pet Carrier. Approved by a large host of airlines for pet travel, the Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier is for small cats and dogs, where they can relax comfortably nearby with the pet carrier stowed safely under your airline seat.

Stylish and well-made, the Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier features mesh panels for your pets to see out of and breathe through, along with roll-up flaps for their privacy. The pet carrier is also equipped with pockets for other pet accessories and essentials, and a seatbelt strap to secure the pet carrier safely in an automobile. You pet can be placed into the pet carrier either through the top or the side, and an interior leash ring can come in handy for any pets that may be prepared to bolt once the carrier is opened again.

New from Sherpa is the ultimate for the pampered pet, the Sherpa Roll-Ups. The pet carriers are referred to as luxurious pet dens by Sherpa. The lightweight pet carrier features a roomy interior with reinforced handles and construction, and entry for your pet through either the top or front of the pet carrier.

Equipped with accessory pouches and a comfortable, removable lining, as well as a leash ring, ventilated panels and privacy flaps, and the ever-important identification tag, the Sherpa Roll-Up pet carrier can also be folded flat for easy compact storage when not in use. The Sherpa Roll-Up is also available in various sizes to suit your pet.

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