Carrying Your Pet in Style

Today’s trend-conscious pet owners can take their shopping needs to new heights with an assortment of pet carriers and accessories for their loyal loved one. Along similar lines of toting a designer purse or handbag, the pampered pet is a rising trend that appeals to any size and personality! Pampering your pet with ‘clothing’ and other accessories has been popular for a number of years, and designers quickly caught on to the trend with an array of brand named goods and eye-catching outfits to fit a pet’s personality.

Carrying pets around in a tote bag or oversized purse is often associated with Hollywood’s glitzy lifestyles. Designers have taken it one step further with high-end pet carriers that offer distinct features; think built-in wheels, extendable attached leashes, hidden ‘release’ buttons, soft mesh windows, and distinctive designs in Croc, Sherpa, and pure leather materials.

A high quality pet carrier can give your pet a luxurious traveling experience with limited hassles and inconvenience. The well-designed pet carrier often has room for doggie treats, snacks, toys, and other necessities while on the road. Flaps for easy ‘pet removal,’ matching jackets and coats, and heavy duty zippers add to the appeal. Pet carriers can serve multi-purpose functions, and your pet can travel easily and safely.

Airline-approved carriers from makes sure that pets are comfortable and stylish. What could be better than a fur-lined base insert, snuggly blanket, and buckles that securely fix up a car seat? Sizes range from miniature for tiny Chihuahuas, to larger sizes for the medium-sized Terrier pup. offers some notable and distinct designs; the appealing choices can give your pet’s mood a great boost!

When you decide that Fido needs the ultimate in grooming and luxury, take your pick from the offerings at Silver Spoon Boutique . This comprehensive site can walk you through the selection of luxury pet houses, spa and grooming products, as well as a range of high-end pet carriers. From materials such as genuine shearling, to quality cotton in polka dot patterns, the best pet carrier is simply a matter of taste. Adventuresome pet owners can opt for the unique Active Backpack-A-Pet that allows the owner to literally backpack their pet around. It’s perfect for that mountain excursion you’ve been meaning to take, without leaving your loyal friend at home!

Taking care of your pet will leave you both happy, and content, and a little more secure on your next expedition. Traveling has its own share of stresses, and taking a pet along isn’t difficult with today’s assortment of handy pet carriers. Stylish and highly useful designs can ensure both comfort and safety on your excurusions, and added safety features such as car safety buckles, airline-approved versions, and designer prints can boost anyone’s mood and personality!

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