Pampering Your Pet Cat

What cat doesn’t love to be pampered? The market for cat pampering is amazing and unbelievable. Pet owners really treasure their feline friends and yearn to make their kitty’s life as comfortable as possible. Some cats are treated like royalty. Here are some tips for basic kitty pampering.

For the average cat and cat owner, pampering doesn’t have to go to excess. Put only filtered or bottled water in your cat’s water bowl and change the water frequently. Experiment with music to see what your cat is attuned to. Leaving on soft music when you have to leave home will have a calming effect on your cat. Throw a slightly damp towel into the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes and then drape it across your cat’s shoulders. This will help your cat fall asleep faster on chilly nights. The moist heat will alleviate aches and help with flexibility.

Make sure your feline first-aid kit is equipped with the proper medical necessities. These include: cold packs, gauze dressings, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, antibiotic treatments, cotton balls, q-tips, insect bite ointment, and your veterinarian’s phone number. Visit your local library for books on feline massage so you can better help your cat’s circulation and mood with kneading, gliding, and circular rubdowns. Learn about feline instincts so you can modify your cat’s behavior with positive reinforcement. Sprinkle some catnip across the floor and then marinate your cat’s toys in it. Watch your cats go crazy!

Many cats will appreciate a new litter box. You may bleach and sanitize old-faithful but it may be time to cut the strings and get your kitty a new pad. To make the litter box experience complete, get an odorless litter box cover to give your pet peace and less odors in a visually pleasing environment. Cat condos, climbing castles, trees, gyms, sisal rope poles, coliseums and palaces are also available in varying decors and designs. Put your cat in the lap of luxury with a padded cat window perch. Improve your cat’s diet by only purchasing high quality protein foods such as chicken, lamb, or beef. Schedule regular check-ups for your cat and have their teeth cleaned as well as their blood tested for diabetes and kidney malfunctions.

Home spas are available for purchase that include accu-pressure pads for paws, a ripple massager, a gum stimulator to promote healthy chewing, and some catnip. Gourmet treats and toys are simple ways to pamper your pet as well.

For the sophisticated, above-average income cat and owner, the options for pampering are endless. Pawfumes are on the market for sophisticats. Some pet spas offer moisturizing body baths, massages and ‘peticures’. Pet dentistry and acupuncture are also coveted by furry felines. Purchase some leave-in conditioner for your cat’s flaky, scaly skin along with some ear cream, deodorant, treatment for chin acne, and tea tree shampoo for those pesky fleas and ticks. Before taking your cat out in public, she may need some designer pet wear and pet jewelry.

Your precious kitty may need some sunscreen for her nose and tummy areas, or some paw balm to protect her pads from the hot L.A. sidewalks. And what cat doesn’t need eye protection. The most coveted luxuries by the most royal cats are a Thai massage and herbal steam spray. Essential oils are being included in products to give your pet a feeling of general well-being. Specialty cat litter is all the rage these days. Herbal cat litter is aromatherapeutic, has a lavendar fragrance, and is flushable. Any type of odor control cat litter will be appreciated by your cat. A special cat carrier is also highly respected. Go above and beyond when you install a pet door in your home so your cat is able to step outside for a midnight mouse hunt.

Pet strollers are also highly prized. SUV strollers allow you to take your cat “off-road” and on hiking trails. Cats love to nibble on grass between tuna snacks so grow your own container garden for kitty. Interactive toys keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated. Some systems dispense a ball with a food snack inside, at regular intervals, and sound their arrival with the ring of a dinner bell.

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