Visit Beautiful Costa Rica

Costa Rica is in the heart of Central America with Nicaragua to the North, Panama to the South, the Pacific on the West, and the Caribbean on the East. The unique and diverse ecosystem is one of the reasons Costa Rica is such a beautiful place to visit. Whether you prefer swinging in the arboreal canopies like the resident monkeys or relaxing on a beautiful beach with a nice surf break to paddle out to, it is all here…in Costa.

Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline stretches 631 miles with the central area traditionally considered the most alluring, known as the ‘Golden Coast’. A beautiful landscape of lush jungle meeting pristine beaches, this is an ideal setting for a honeymoon or romantic getaway. If your a surfer, the Pacific coast offers many breaks within close proximity from each other if you can handle some bumpy terrain.

While anyone could have a perfectly enjoyable trip never leaving the beach, it is highly worth the effort to visit the Northern region to experience thick jungle near Montverde, check out the active volcano, and see Arenal Lake. The mountains and rivers are playgrounds for extreme enthusiasts and Costa Rica has some amazing wildlife refuges. Hot springs can also be found near and around hikes to waterfalls near Arenal.

The locals, or Ticos, are typically very kind and usually helpful if you get sidetracked on the roads and need some assistance. You might hear them say ‘Pura Vida’ which in Costa Rica is a common endearment and can mean hello or goodbye, or simply a courteous acknowledgement.

There’s a lot to do and see in Costa or you can always simply relax and soak it in. Either way it’s a lovely country unique in it political, environmental, and ecological respects. Pura Vida.

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