Best Vet for Cats in Conway, AR

I have used several of the vets in Conway, Arkansas. The three I use the most are Chestnut Small Animal Clinic, Conway Animal Clinic and Cat Surgery Express. A trip to the vet can be very expensive but it will be 100-150 dollars more expensive if you go to the Chestnut or Conway Animal Clinics. That’s right, Cat Surgery Express is that much cheaper for you and your cat. Sadly though this wonderful clinic is only for cats.

It’s sad because Dr. Stan Carlin makes the animals in his clinic feel so at home. He even lets his own cats walk around in the clinic as well as if you want to let your own cat play with any of the toys in the waiting room. He is genuinely concerned about every animal and goes out of his way to help you with any questions you might have. He even takes in kittensand cats that cannot find homes or have been abandoned by their owners.

Another great thing about this clinic is that he accepts walk-ins for shots. It is hard to find a clinic where you can bring your cat in on your lunch hour because you had an extra half hour that day that you didn’t realize you would have. At all other clinics you would have to schedule atleast a week in advance.

The next time your Kitty Cat needs anything at all go visit Dr. Stan Carlin at Cat Surgery Express 2113 Prince St., Conway, AR (501) 328-3344. Because he will make sure that he or she gets the very best care at the very best price. Thanks Dr. Carlin!

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