Chihuahuas: Traits and Behavior

Chihuahuas are portable, friendly dogs and are ideal for apartment dwellers, travelers or someone who wants to take their dog everywhere with them. These little wonders pack a ton of personality into a little frame and often don’t realize how small they are in comparison to other dogs. It’s important to realize that very small Chihuahuas are also very delicate and should be protected from young children and large animals.

Chihuahuas are natural climbers and jumpers. They use their front paws a lot like cats tend to. Also, they are usually extremely affectionate with their owners, sometimes they can be a one-person dog. Chihuahuas love to “kiss” people they like by liking their faces. They are definite lapdogs and like nothing more than to be in physical contact with their people at all times. So, if you don’t want a snuggly pooch, look for a different breed. This is a dog that will burrow under blankets and build a little “nest” out of pillows/clothes/towels/etc to sleep on or under.

Short-haired Chi’s often prefer to burrow under a blanket while sleeping as they tend to get cold easily. If you live in a northern state, it’s critical to have them wear a sweater or doggie coat when taking short-haired Chihuahua outside below 30 degrees. Also, puppies under the age of 6 months should be covered when outside in cold weather. As an adult, most short-haired Chi’s are fine if temp is above 25-30 degrees. Long-haired Chihuahuas are generally fine in cold temps or the snow once they have developed their full adult coats.

As you already know, Chi’s are tiny. Thus they can get into amazingly small spaces. My pup Lia was able to squeeze under my bedroom dresser at one time. Obviously, puppy-proofing takes on a new meaning with Chihuahuas. Not only are they adept at finding “hidden” openings, they can and will jump onto various surfaces if they think they can make it. Again, Lia jumped off the kitchen counter when she was a puppy. Of course, this trait is dependent on personality as my other dog, Chimi, would have thought better of that. However, they are both capable of surprising leaping and climbing abilities and will perch on nearly anything, including people’s shoulders.

Chihuahuas like to chew just as much as larger dogs, so it’s important to supply them with rawhide chews or other toys. My pups love plush toys like Beanie Babies or any other stuffed animal they can find. It is really comical to watch a puppy drag around a teddy bear twice its size, and they truly do!

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