How to Cure a Horse From Rearing

Horse riding is one of the most fun-filled activities enjoyed by many people. Horses can be trained well for riding or playing related sports. You can ride them for fun or even for a competition. However, you need to watch out for the rearing of horses. Horse rearing is a dangerous activity performed by a horse as it not only endangers the horse but also the rider and the people nearby. It occurs when your horse stands on his rear legs after lifting his front legs. Remember that curing horse rearing may require time but it is necessary for a safe ride.

Things Required:

– Halter and lead
– Round pen
– Treats
– Saddle and bridle


  • 1

    Determine the cause of rearing

    You need to check the reason of the horse rearing. It may be due to some problem. In case your horse rears often, seek the area where he rears. You should also watch out any patterns and see if the horse rears in front of some people. Also make sure that his bridle or saddle is not too tight as it might be hurting him. Also consult a vet in order to check whether he is sick or not.

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    Hit the horse with a halter and lead rope

    Catch your horse and hit him with a halter and long lead rope. Remember that the lead rope should be around 20 feet long. This is for your own safety. In case the horse rears when you are controlling then the long lead rope will give you time to move away from the area while still taming him.

  • 3

    Round pen

    Talk your horse to a round pen and let him exercise there for almost 15 to 20 minutes. By this, your horse will not only ward off the excess energy but will also let him focus on you. It will also lead your horse in learning more effectively.

    You can also let your horse walk with you in the round pen. However, make sure the horse’s head stays down while he is walking.

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