How to Feed Baby Turkeys

Keeping turkeys as pets is fun and an amazing activity. They are eye-catching creatures,  and can add to the overall natural beauty of your lawn and backyard. Moreover, turkey’s eggs are rich source of protein; their meat is one among the rich and tasty meats.

However, feeding the baby turkeys, also known as poults, is a more serious, sensitive and time consuming part of raising turkeys. They are feeble and fragile creatures that are totally dependent on their caretakers for their every single need. You really have to act like a mother turkey, feeding them and taking care properly. Newborn turkeys don’t know how to eat or drink. Neither the mother turkey helps them in this regard. Being a responsible caretaker, you have to teach them so.


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    Boiled Eggs – during first 3 weeks

    Baby turkeys need high protein than chicks. They need at least 28 percent protein during the first 6 weeks. Therefore, feed them with boiled eggs during the initial days.

    Boil Eggs Perfectly, peel them and mash well. Lay a piece of clean cloth or paper on a smooth surface in front of the baby turkeys. Now sprinkle the egg pieces all over it and encourage the poults to eat. They can take few minutes in taking their first steps towards the boiled eggs and eating it. Otherwise, stand aside and let the mother turkey play her role. Once she picks the piece of boiled egg, the poults will follow her.

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    Help them in Drinking Water

    When it comes to water, dip their beaks into it; let them lift up and tilt their heads to gulp down smoothly. Make sure that fresh and clean lukewarm water is available to them all the time. You can add some vitamin supplements to their water in order to keep them healthy.

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    Bring in Chick Grit

    When the baby turkeys are about 3 weeks old, you can feed them with some chick grit. However, do not stop providing them with boiled eggs. What you can do is to feed them twice with boiled eggs and twice with the chick grit during the day.

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    Bring up Scratch and Oyster Shell

    Once your poults are 8 weeks old, they will be able to handle larger particles. You can now feed them with chicken scratch, chick grit, oyster shell and mulberries etc.

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    Introduce Greenery

    After 10 weeks, set you poults free in your lawn or backyard and let them enjoy the fresh greenery, including grass, kale and clover etc. However, make sure that your turkey area is nicely fenced in order to protect them from any possible predators.

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