How to Treat Founder in a Horse

In case your horse is facing difficulty when moving or appearing to be in deep pain while walking, it might be suffering from laminitis or founder. Laminitis is a painful condition which is caused by metabolic imbalance. It affects your horse feet  and influences the connective tissue within it. Some of its symptoms include strong pulse, severe heat and a rocking-horse stance.

Things Required:

– Cold water
– Mud poultice
– Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs


  • 1

    Consult the veterinarian

    You need to contact the veterinarian right after you think your horse is suffering from founder. Remember that you need to treat it as soon as possible.

  • 2

    Remove grain and hay

    Next you need to get rid of all the hay and grain from the barn. Founder is caused due to metabolic imbalance, mainly caused by overeating. As a result, toxins are built which diminish the blood flow to laminae.

    Keep in mind that founder is common in spring when grass is rich and usually among overweight horses. You are not only required to treat the symptoms but also eliminate the causes.

  • 3

    Hose the affected foot

    While you are waiting for the veterinarian to arrive, you need to hose the affected foot with cold water. Continue washing the foot with cold water for almost 20 minutes. You can even apply a mud poultice or let your horse stand in a muddy puddle.

    Remember that during this condition, hoof expands as the sensitive lamina is inflamed. Hosing cold water will ease the pain your horse is experiencing.

  • 4

    Let your horse lie down

    You need to set-up a soft stall and then let your horse lie down. This will ease pressure on the affected hoof or hooves.

  • 5

    Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drug

    You can give your horse painkillers and anti-inflammatory drug such as phenylbutazone or ketoprofen. However, you need to consult your veterinarian before administrating these painkillers.

  • 6

    Restrict your horse’s exercise

    After the symptoms are warded off, your horse will require a long time for rest. You should limit its exercise for almost a month. Use a sand pen in order to limit your horse’s movement and provide cushioning to its hooves.

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