Top 10 Common Dog Infections

While pets, especially dogs, make great companions, you need to properly tend to them in order to maintain their health and well being. Dogs, like most animals, are prone to certain infections, which if left unchecked, can cause serious issues. If you are a dog owner, you would do well to learn about the most common dog infections so you can recognize them in time and arrange for professional help.


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    This is a very common disease in dogs and is fatal if not treated. Distemper can be compared with measles, which humans can suffer from. It is caused when the dog sniffs the waste of a dog suffering from this disease. In the beginning the dog shows no symptoms, but later, when distemper spreads all over the body, the dog will start showing the symptoms, which include fits, diarrhea and vomiting.


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    This is the most well known infection in dogs and is usually fatal. A dog who is suffering from it gets extremely aggressive. This infection is contagious and a dog catches it when it comes into contact with another animal suffering from it - more precisely with the saliva of an animal suffering from it. There is no cure for this disease and you need to get your dog vaccinated beforehand to avoid rabies.

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    This is an intestinal viral infection that occurs in dogs. Symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting and temperature. It is not curable, but you can protect your dog from it by vaccination.

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    Lyme is the inflammation of joints and is caused by the Burrelia Burgdurferi bacteria. If you feel that your dog is walking with difficulty, consider the possibility of it suffering from Lyme. Although it is a curable disease, it needs immediate medical aid as it can affect the heart, kidneys or even the nervous system of your dog.


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    Giardia is another common disease your dog can catch if it drinks dirty water. Due to this parasite the dog gets thinner over time. This disease needs immediate attention and if left unattended it can prove to be fatal.

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    This is caused by a virus and it is caught from another dog. The dog who is suffering from this infection looses its weight instantly. Other symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting and bloody eyes.  Consult your vet if you see such symptoms in your dog. If left unattended, it can also cause heart problems.

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    Eye infection:

    An eye infection requires immediate medical attention. This is caused when the dog hurts its eye during a fight or an accident and the infection starts developing. This infection can be easily spotted when your dog’s eye changes color. In addition to this you will find your dog rubbing its eyes. Visit your vet if you see any of these symptoms.

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    This is another common bacterial infection found in dogs and affects the skin. Your dog will start shedding its fur and will feel highly uncomfortable due to the consistent itching. Patches, rashes and lesions are formed on the skin. This is caused by filthy environment and is cured by some antibiotics.

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    Kennel cough:

    This is one of the most common bacterial infections and is found in puppies who are more vulnerable than adult dogs. The bacteria reach the lungs of young puppies when they are breathing in a contiguous atmosphere. Regular coughing is the major symptom of this infection. Normally no medicine is needed as your dog will get well with the passage of time, but if the coughing prolongs then you need to visit a vet immediately.

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    This is a bacterial infection of the bladder in dogs. The bacteria enters from the dog’s rectum and starts living there. The symptom of this infection is that your dog feels pain while urinating. If this problem is left unattended it can cause stones and cysts in the dog’s bladder, which will require urgent surgery in some cases.

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