How to Remove Pet Hair

Most people that have a pet understand how difficult it is to remove pet hair from the furniture, rugs and other item from around the home. No matter how you try to remove it, there is always more hair stuck between the cushions or on the carpet. All of times, this same pet hair ends up on your expensive clothes and can be rather embarrassing to look at if you are out. Regardless if your pet is a dog or cat, the fact is that hair will always shed from these animals. Usually the first reaction is to call a professional which can cost quite a bit of money to clean the entire house of pet hair. However, there are many different methods that you can use to not only save time or money but to easily remove pet hair yourself.

Things Required:

– Sponge
– Vacuum cleaner
– Special brush (which is used to remove fur on clothes)
– Cleaning fluid
– Damp cloth
– Comb or brush (for animal)


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    One of the fastest ways to remove pet hair is to use a wet sponge. If you spend a little time on this activity, you can not only remove hair from clothes but you can also get rid of hair from furniture. Make sure to use a nice clean sponge and get it wet by soaking it in water for a few minutes and gently rub the areas that has pet hair. You will be amazed at how easily the hair comes off using this method.

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    You can also use another technique to get rid of pet hair but it will require having the necessary vacuum cleaner attachment. A special brush attachment can thoroughly clean up the mess for sure. There are lot of stores which offer a wide variety of decent vacuums and special attachments. In the fight against fur on carpets and sofa sets, it can definitely help you out.

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    In addition to all of the above, you can simply buy a special brush for the pet which can remove hair from clothing especially wool. You need to buy a special comb for the animal to remove excess hair. These are usually found at the pet store and are relatively inexpensive.

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    You can use a damp cloth to remove hair from leather objects like furniture. Use special cleaning fluid, if you do not want to leave any strains on the floor. Add half a lemon into the fluid to make it more affective. Soak the cloth in the solution and wipe the surface.

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