How to Choose a New Veterinarian

Everyone wants the best veterinary care for their pets be it a beloved dog a cute fuzzy kitten or a hamster with sleeping problems. I hope the following tips will help you find the perfect veterinarian for your precious friend. There is nothing worse then rushing to the vet in an emergency and finding a Veterinarian who would rather be sleeping or watching the ball game and is in a hurry to get back to either.

1 Ask your friends and neighbors which vet they use and why. Is he good with dogs? Cats? Or larger animals?
Does he have a reputation for disliking dogs or cats? Is he wonderful with birds?

2. Look up the veterinary clinics you are considering online or call the better business Bureau if there are problems you need to know about this is a good place to start. Do an online search for the vets name if he/she has done anything extremely good or bad you should find information in your favorite search engine. Some Clinics have their own web site full of helpful information about the vet and the services the clinic provides…

3. Call the potential vet and ask about the facilities. Do they have surgical capability or are surgeries performed in another location?? Do they board pets if something comes up and you have to leave town? Do they have and emergency room? Or an emergency number available on a 24 hour basis?

Is the staff friendly? Do they treat you with respect and as if your call is important or are you just another call in a busy day?

4. If the clinic you are considering sounds good so far then it’s time to make a visit. Stop in to say Hello. Are the facilities clean? Does the staff offer to explain the services they provide? If you are comfortable with what you find, make an appointment to bring your pet in to get acquainted.

5. Once you arrive with your pet and are called back to meet the veterinarian. Notice how the staff and vet treat your pet. Do they act as though they like animals or are they indifferent and business like? Does your animal react well with them?
Does the vet listen to you or does he/she act as though you are another overreacting pet owner?

6. How do you feel about the vet? Do you like them? Do they seem trustworthy? Do they act as though they know everything or are they confident and friendly with you as well as your pet?

7. I know it’s hard to put a price on your pets health but to be honest money is a part of life and must be considered to some extent. Ask for a list of average fees for things such as Rabies shots, nail trimming, and a yearly checkup. You can compare these or ask for the information over the phone before your visit to other clinics

In other words choose your pets vet in the same way you would choose your own doctor. Find someone you like and someone who you trust. Someone who seems to genuinely likes what they are doing, and someone who likes animals. Believe it or not there are vets who are more interested in the money then in the animals. Follow your gut feeling if you suspect this and get a second opinion if an extremely expensive treatment is recommended. Your pet depends on you so give him the best care possible. This includes making an educated decision about his doctor as well as his treatment.
Do the proper research and hopefully you will find a vet you can your pet can trust for years.

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