How to Keep Hamsters Cool in the Summer

Hamsters are delightful animals to keep as pets. They are cute, fun and lively and are everything you could ask in a pet. Summers are a bit hard for hamsters when they are out of their natural habitat.  In their natural habitat, hamsters burrow down the ground and find colder in the depth. Since they cannot do so inside our homes, it is extremely hard for them to keep cool. Unlike humans, they cannot get rid of their body easily through the skin because they are covered with fur. There is a risk of hypothermia, which is the rise in body temperature when the body cannot dissipate the heat it has absorbed. You obviously want to do everything you can to make your pet comfortable and keep him cool so that he is both healthy and happy.


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    Location of hamster:

    Change the location of the burrow where you keep your hamster. This could be a cage, a glass aquarium or any other place you keep them in. Relocate to a dark and cool side of the house. If you have a basement or garage, it is going to make a good enough difference for the hamster. Even if you are keeping them in a room, keep them away from window sills and areas of direct sunlight. Do remember that closed containers and glass aquariums where you keep hamsters lead to humidity and a rise in temperature.

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    Wind circulation:

    The place that you keep the pet in should be properly ventilated. Circulation of fresh air helps in dissipating heat and prevents humidity from building up. You can get a fan installed in the room. However, make sure that it is not exactly above the head of the pet. A rotating fan is much better.

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    Water treatment:

    Cool water is the best gift that you can give your pet during the heat. Make sure that he has plenty of cool water to drink at all times. Apart from the drinking water, you can also use water to cool his cage. Cool a bottle in the freezer. Wrap it in a towel and keep it next to his cage or cot. The cold water will keep the temperature down and provide a cooler medium. You can use two bottles, one in the fridge and the other next to the hamster so that you can rotate when the water gets warm.

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