How to Skin a Bear for a Full Body Mount

In order to wish for a rug or a full body mount, you should be aware of how to rightly skin a bear and it is a vital thing to get started. Know that proper eye and nose incisions can make the slightest difference between a waste of hide or a lovely mount. You will either have one cold day or two warms days to skin and prepare the hide. After that, you can deliver it to the taxidermist. Be aware of the fact that a long delay can spoil the hide. Moreover, there are a number of ways to skin a bear with good effect for a full body mount.


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    Getting started

    Begin the incision right below the anus and cut in the head’s direction. In this way, continue cutting through the chest to the neck and stop at the edge of the mouth. Make sure you do not remove the bears’ genital which is vaginal opening or penile sheath. Try to keep them at one side of the incision. Then choose what to do with the paws. If you want a bear rug then cut the paws but for full body mounts you will have to leave the paws on. Also if you are maintaining the pads begin at the hairline and remove around the pads, leaving a side attached to the skin. Move under the pad and remove the skin from bone. On the other hand, if you do not want the pads, then cut around the whole pad.

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    Once the paws are done, it is time to remove the legs. Start at the bear’s front paws and remove the elbow and inflict a chest incision. Remember every cut meets at the same spot at the key incision. Start at the heel for the hind legs and remove the center of the leg to around 2 inches above the anus area.

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    Further skinning

    Begin with the rear paws and start to cut the skin off the body. At every paw, skin down and then disjoint the toe bone leaving the claws remain with the skin. Skin the animal to the back of the head. After that, cut the ear muscle from the hide. Try to be very careful and turn the ear inside out and make sure you do not remove the ear completely from the hide and keep the cartilage on the hide as well.

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