How to Get Rid of and Prevent Worms in Your Pet

It is very unappealing to see little squirmy creatures in your pet’s stools or bottom. Not only is it not pleasing but also it means your pet is sick. Unfortunately, most puppies and kittens, if not all, will get worms so it is very important to check your puppies and kittens stools often. Some adult dogs can still get worms. The worms you can see usually cause your pet to vomit or have diarrhea. However, there are worms you can’t see like hookworms that can cause more severe problems, including heartworms that attack your pet’s heart. There are a number of things you can do to rid and prevent worms from taking up residence in your pet.

The first and most important thing to do to rid and even prevent recurring worms is to make sure you get your puppy or kitten all the necessary shots. Getting pets de-wormed when they are young is very important. Puppies and kittens are either born with worms or they get them from their mother while nursing. You should get your pets de-wormed as young as six weeks. The next thing you can do to help get rid of worms is to keep fleas away from your pets. Fleas carry tapeworms. You can purchase a variety of flea sprays and powders at pet stores or from your vet. Again, check with your vet when purchasing a flea product for dogs or cats what is safe for dogs may be dangerous for cats.

To help soothe your pet’s stomach you can give them some Kaopectate, which helps get rid of the diarrhea and upset stomach that worms cause. Check with your vet to find out what dose to give your pet. Usually you can give one teaspoon for every ten pounds of weight two or three times a day. The trick is getting your pet to take the medicine. You can try using a syringe and squirting it in their mouth. Another way to prevent your pet from getting worms is to try and stop them from eating rodents. Once way to do this is to limit their ability to roam far distances. Keep your pet from eating trash or waste that may carry parasites. Be sure your yard is clean and free of trash and waste and that your pet is unable to roam too far.

To get rid of worms in your pet make sure you constantly check their stools and bottoms, especially when they are young. Check their stools for little white worms that look like rice and check their bottoms to see if you notice any worms. If your pet’s stools are runny, bloody, or thick and dark, like tar, take them to the vet. Continually watch their stools and bottoms for worms and take appropriate action to get rid of the worms. It is very important to get rid of worms because they will multiply making your pet sick, anemic, and dehydrated, not to mention the dangerous effects of heartworms.

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