Large Dogs as Pets for First Time Dog Owners

There are many people out there that are interested in getting a new dog or puppy. Many of these people have never owned a dog and are looking into getting a large dog as their first dog. The idea of having a Rottweiler or Doberman to protect their home often intrigues many. Some like the idea of having a Labrador or Golden Retriever to play with the kid. Others just like the look of having a huge Mastiff, Great Dane or Saint Bernard. I must warn you that if you are one of these people, this may not be a good idea.

If you are a first time dog owner, it is a good idea to start out with a small dog, not a large dog. This is for many reasons. First off, large dogs grow very fast. This means you will be needing to constantly purchase leashes, collars, bowls, crates, and other dog accessories quite often. Also, large dogs often don’t realize that they are so big and they often can play too rough for some people, especially children.

Large dogs also make large messes. If you don’t like big dookey…then you best not get a large dog. They have the biggest dookey of them all! They also eat more and drink more, which means they are unfortunately more expensive. All dogs, both big and small, can be destructive. However, large dogs can be much more destructive as they can often reach more things that little dogs can’t. Also, large dogs require much more space and a large yard so that they do not become bored.

Some large dogs can be more difficult to train and handle. This may not necessarily be because they have a poor or stubborn attitude. It is often because they are just too large for an inexperienced owner to handle. It is best to get the aid of a professional dog trainer.

This article is not to deter you from getting a large dog. Its purpose is only to make you aware of the things that can happen if you own a large dog. Large dogs need a special owner that realizes the special considerations that large dogs need. Many people get large dogs and do not realize the things that I have just discussed. They then abandon these dogs or take them to a shelter because they just could not handle all of the work involved with owning a large dog. Please be aware and make the right decision before you go out and get a large dog.

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