Murphy’s Law for Pet-Sitters

Here are Murphy’s Laws for pet-sitters, in no particular order.

* Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

* Things will always go wrong when you have the least amount of time to spend.

* Things will always go wrong on the day your client is due home.

* It will always be the biggest dog that gets diarrhea.

* Ditto for vomiting.

* Of all the possible rooms in the house, the cat will always find the one with the expensive rug in it, to vomit on.

* The one key you forget, will be to the house that is the furthest out on your list of visits.

* If you’re going to run out of pet food, it will be one day before the job is due to end.

* A pet will always get hurt or sick on a weekend, holiday, or in the middle of the night, so the local veterinarian is closed.

* If you’re playing with the pet with a small toy, such as a mouse, you can bet it will go down the register.

* If you have to water the client’s outside plants, the hose will almost, but not quite reach far enough.

* Your car will always break down when you’re on the way to a pet that needs medication at a particular time, or an interview with a new client.

* If the house has more than one story, it’s a sure bet that the food or litter pan will be on the top floor.

* If a cat is hiding, it will always be under the last bed you look under, or the last closet you look in.

* If a cat requires a pill, it will take at least 6 tries.

* If there’s a water dish to fill upstairs, the upstairs faucet will be out of order.

* The one time you have to use the client’s bathroom, you find out too late that the toilet won’t flush.

* If you leave all the cleaning up chores until the end of the job, the client will come home a day early.

* There will never be enough paper towels to last the whole job.

* The pet will never act the way the client says they will.

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