How to Give a Cat a Bath

This is not the beginning of some sick, twisted, email joke. This is actually meant to be advice on how to give your cat a bath. You can give a cat a bath although the cat will probably protest. Bathing a cat may be a necessary evil you may have to do as a pet owner. Most of time cats do not need a bath as they frequently groom themselves. however, some situations call for a more vigorous approach to cleaning. Here are some tips and suggestion to give your cat a bath.

Use rubber gloves. Protect your hands and as much of your arms as you can. In fact, wear long sleeves or any other protective gear you can get your hands on. Your cat will be clawing at anything and everything to get out of the water. Rubber gloves will provide a protective barrier, allowing you to last longer giving the cat a bath and actually being able to do it. I tried once to give our cat a bath without rubber gloves. It took a few weeks for all the scratches to heal. The next time I remembered I had rubber gloves and used them. My hands look a lot better.

Bathe the cat in the sink. I’ve become a big fan of sink baths. Not for me personally as I’m way too big for any sink but it is much easier to bathe cats, espcially kittens, in the kitchen sink. You can get closer to them, hence a better grip to keep them actually in the water. It is easier to scrub the cat with the cat closer to you. You don’t get nearly as wet as trying to use the bathtub. It’s also easier on the back as there is little strain from standing at the sink compared to crouching over the edged of the bathtub.

Have a towel on standby. Before beginning the bath make sure to have a towel next to the sink so when you are finished you can dry off the cat. Also having a towel handy will keep you from getting as wet and also help to keep a hold of the cat. After toweling off the cat for a little bit, pull out the cat brush and pamper the cat by brushing her. This will help to bring you sort of back into good graces with the cat. Brushing our cat seemed to calm her down slightly.

Bathing a cat can be done but is not for the fainthearted. Your cat will not be pleased afterwards for several hours even days. Cats definitely have a low tolerance for baths but with a little planning and preparation giving a cat a bath can be a painless experience for all involved.

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