Keep Your Pet Warm when the Weather Changes

You know the ground and the air is getting too cold when your pet lies in the sun or on his favorite mat instead of the ground. Although because of their fur pets come furnished with exterior clothing to protect them from the cold and hot weather but there are still some things you can do to keep your pet warm during the cool and cold months.

Some dogs are more secured from the cold weather because of their coats like Sheepdogs and German Shepherds and can go out in cold weather and even the snow and stay outside forever, but shorthaired pets have less protection and get cold faster. If your pet is one of these shorthaired breeds, be sure not to keep them outside for long hours and give them a nice comfortable, warm place to stay whether outside or inside.

Keep your pet’s hair combed throughout the cold weather months, which can help them keep warm. Combing their hair will prevent it from matting up and not providing enough warmth like it should. Some people like to dress up their pets, so if you are one of these people you can suit them up in a nice pet sweater to keep them warm. Dog sweaters and other external coverings are available at pet stores. Most pets are not comfortable wearing clothes since they have natural fur that does the job so don’t force the clothing on them if your pet doesn’t care for it or if it irritates them. Also leave the booties for babies, pets hate to have anything wrapped around their paws.

To help keep your pet warm be sure to give them enough time to adjust to the cold weather. If your pet stays inside most of the time, once the fall season starts or the weather changes take them outside for short periods to help them get use to the weather changes. To help prevent dry and itchy skin, either give your pet some B-complex vitamins that are available at pet stores or keep their skin oiled with various types of lotion products for pets.

If your pet stays outside during the cold months, be sure to feed him more often being outside in the cold burns off more calories. Also keep the water bowl full to prevent dehydration. When the weather gets too cold, below 20 degrees or if the wind chill causes the temperature to go below 20 degrees, bring your pet indoors. Extreme temperatures, temperatures below 20 degrees and temperatures above 100 become too dangerous for any living being to be exposed to it. You can also make a makeshift doghouse in the basement or garage but be sure there is enough padding and blankets to keep your pet warm.

A couple of things to remember during the cold months is to watch for unusual pet behavior that can occur during these months. Be sure that your pet does not lick any antifreeze that has leaked from your car. Antifreeze is poisonous to your pet and can be fatal. Also cats that are left outside have a tendency to crawl into the engine area of cars (don’t ask how they manage to get there, but they do) to get some heat. So before you start the car in the morning you may want to check under the hood.

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