How to Make Your Horse Walk Faster

You must use various aids to make sure that your horse listens to what you are saying. You can use your hands, legs or voice to help you get the horse to respond. Warming up is extremely important. This involves laps and serpentines after stretching the muscles of the horse. The arena or the place where the horse has to run also matters as you must make sure that the animal runs on the longer sides of the arena. Follow some simple techniques to make your horse walk faster.

Things Required:

– A well-trained horse
– Helmet
– Hand reins
– Arena


  • 1

    Mount your horse and reach the arena

    You need to make sure your horse is ready for the ride. This is extremely important because if the horse is not comfortable, it may have problems in walking fast. Once you feel everything is ready, mount the horse and reach the arena where you ride.

  • 2

    Warm up

    Warming up is very important. This will help in freshening up the muscles of the horse. You need to maintain a regular routine of stretching and bending with the horse before you ride. When you start riding, make sure the horse walks in circles first and performs serpentines.

  • 3

    Check the response

    You need to check the response of the horse during the warm up by saying the word ‘trot’. A well-trained horse will immediately respond to this and will give a signal. You can also use leg, voice and hand aids to check the response. When the horse is walking, use one of the aids to get a response from it. Use the hand reins and if the speed increases, you are getting a good response.

  • 4

    Increase pressure for better response

    To make sure the horse walks faster, you need to use your legs carefully. You can squeeze your knees and legs to get a quick response from the horse. The heels should be the last option as it is painful. This will apply pressure on the horse and it will walk faster.

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