How to Stop Fleas on Your Cats

Fleas on your cat are more than just an itchy, scratchy bother. Fleas can cause allergic reactions in cats, which require CortisoneâÂ?¢ shots from your veterinarian. They can also cause other health problems in your cat such as Anemia and worms. Not only that, but fleas easily spread from cat-to-cat, cat-to-human, cat-to-other-pets, and from a cat to its living environment. That’s why, you need to check on a regular basis to stop fleas on your cats. You need to stop them for the health of your cat and so they cannot spread.

How can you tell if your cat has fleas? If he or she is a light-colored feline, and it has short fur, you can place your cat under a bright light. Then, rub your hand backwards through their fur. You’ll be able to see fleas hopping around. Or, you’ll see tiny black specks which can be flea feces. (Or, they can be just flecks of dirt. Especially if your cat isn’t fastidious with its personal cleanliness.) And when you look through your cat’s fur, look also for red bumps or scabs. These are indications of flea bites. To find out for sure what the black specks are, use a flea comb to brush some of the specks onto a piece of plain white paper. If you’re not sure what a flea comb is, it’s a small comb with teeth. However, the difference with this comb as compared to a hair comb is that the teeth are very thin. They are also positioned very close together. When you sweep a flea comb through your cat’s fur, the closeness of the teeth pick up small fleas and their tiny feces.

Now, once you have some of the black specks on a plain white sheet of paper, wet the tip of your finger and rub it against the specks. If they stay intact, they’re just dirt. But if the black specks break apart and turn a brownish-red color, then they are definitely flea feces. So now you know you have a flea problem, and you need to stop fleas on your cats.

If your cat has dark fur, you probably won’t be able to see the fleas or their feces. To stop fleas on your dark cats, you’ll have to use a flea comb to sweep through their fur. Then, inspect the teeth of the comb for signs of fleas.

Getting rid of fleas from your cat is actually an easy process. However, because fleas spread so rapidly, in order to stop fleas on your cats, you must eradicate them from your your other pets and your household as well.

Generally, if you bathe your cat on a regular basis and use a flea comb, he or she shouldn’t be bothered with fleas. A flea comb will actually remove flea eggs from your cat’s fur too. You’ll need to press the comb down to reach your cat’s skin. Just don’t press down too hard so that the combing hurts your feline.

If your cat isn’t wild about taking a bath, there are also sprays and powders you can use. Just use one of these products in conjunction with a flea comb, and that will stop fleas on your cats too.

And finally, you may see TV or magazine ads for products like AdvantageâÂ?¢ and FrontlineâÂ?¢. These products are liquids that are applied to your cat’s skin. They kill fleas and help prevent them from coming back too. The only downside to these products is that they are pricey.

Remember- you’ll need to treat all of your cats and any dogs you may have in your household too. This will help prevent a reinfestation occurring from another pet.

Next, to stop fleas on your cats, if your feline has a cat bed he or she sleeps in, you’ll need to clean it regularly. Vacuum up loose fur and dirt, then launder the cat bed with hot water and a household bleach. Or, you can use a bleach alternative. The combination of the hot water and the bleach will disinfect your cat’s bed. It will also kill any fleas or eggs that are residing in it.

And finally, use a good quality flea killer to spray in your house. If your cats have fleas, then they may be hiding in your carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture.

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