Enter the Wonderful World of Cats

Cats, which are in the order Carnivora, the family Felidae, and further broken down into everything from Catus Domestica to Patherna Leo. In almost every part of the world, cats frolick about, at home in the urban society, or in the jungle depths. Why not take a closer look at these fascinating felines?

A Brief History.

In ancient Egypt, cats were reveared as servents to the godess Bass. There were laws forbidding anyone, freeman or slave, from killing a cat. There were even laws forbidding the export of cats to other countries. The Egyptians also had special burial grounds, where mumified cats would be lain to rest. For the Egyptians, partnership with a cat meant freedom from small rodents, snakes, and birds.

The reputation of the cat however, took a turn for the worse later in history, during the period we now call the ‘middle ages.’ [Yes, that means the period of time where no one bathed, and your doctor put leaches on you to cure the common cold!] Cats, during that time were viewed as minnions of the devil, and aids to wizards, wiches, and other practicers of evil magic. Cats were therefore burned at the stake, tortured, and basically killed off in Europe during that period of time. [then, London was overrun by plague-carrying rats, so let that be a lesson to you!]

As time went on, the cat’s reputation picked itself up off the ground and started to rebuild. Later, it wasn’t uncommon for a ship of size to carry a cat, to make sure rats didn’t eat the supplies. This partnership was found to be very affective. Nowdays, cats are the second most popular pet in the United States, second only to dogs.

Benefits of Owning a Cat.

Dogs are mans best friend, true, but cats have their moments. Cats on average take less care than dogs, and some even take care of themselves. After being housetrained, a cat would much prefer to go to the bathroom outside. Also, despite common belief, cats are very vocal, communicating animals. Each and every one of their growls, squeeks and meows has a different meaning, so listen carefully. There’s a thin line between ‘Pet me.’ and ‘Your sock’s don’t match.’ Another note is this,
cats are nocturnal animals, meaning they do the majority of their active things at night. If you can’t stand bumps in the night, or are a really light sleeper, Don’t Get A Cat.

Cats are still animals, and as such, some things in their nature don’t change. Even domestic cats hunt, it doesn’t matter whether they have food or not. Don’t get angry, it’s what cats do.

Most cat’s will eat regular dry cat food, and my cats [known lovably as Tootsie, Misty, Frisky, and Percy] seem to prefer the beef flavor over the fish flavor. Some cats are very picky, and will only eat soft food, so be patient.

Cat or Kitten?

Before getting a cat, you may consider. Of course, if you go in, you’ll see that cute little bundle of fluffy fur, and go ‘Oh, what a cute kitten!’ But remember, kittens are young animals. They romp, stomp, play, tear things up, and can make a general nuisince of themselves. If you think such antics are cute [and have never had your roast beef eaten off the counter] then go ahead and get a kitten. If you think you can’t handle that though, a mature animal would be best. Another note is this; Cat’s think everything out in the open is free game, so if you leave something out, it is equally theirs. Start early to teach your cats not to jump on counters, tables, or other places where there may be food. [Sometimes it still doesn’t work, our Tootsie still gets on counters, but it’s worth a try.]

Cat Care.

Again, this is relatively simple. Cats don’t need much; a dish of food, a bowl of water, and a little TLC from time to time will usually keep them happy. So, don’t wig out and fill your house with cat toys. [most of the time, they prefer shoelaces, or curtains anyway.]

Oh, and a little catnip now and then never hurts.

I hope this informative article gives you more than enough reasons to wisely, and safely, enjoy your pets.

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