How to Find Techniques to Ride a Horse

We all want to ride horses but that is easier said than done. If you are looking to start horse riding, you will be glad to know that the techniques involved are very simple. Consider following some simple instructions to make horse riding easy. Breaking a horse requires you to be patient, determined and hard working. If you possess all three skills, consider spending a lot of time with the horse you both feel comfortable with each other.

Things Required:

– Western Saddle
– Rope or Twine
– 4 Empty Milk Jugs
– Some Sand
– Some Small Stones


  • 1

    Before doing anything else, make sure you have spend many hours with the horse so you feel comfortable with her. Consider finding a horse that suits your needs. If you are short then it is recommended to find a young horse. When you want to ride the horse, approach her slowly so you do not scare her away. If possible, speak to the horse in a low voice while rubbing her neck and head. Put the lead around the neck when she is relaxed and comfortable. This will also make sure she does not get away.

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    Place the halter onto her face and then consider buckling the straps. Take your time when sliding the halter to make sure it is positioned correctly. The horse may get angry during this process and therefore it is recommended to take precautionary measures. Calm and easy-going horses usually like to follow the riders. However, if your horse is not easy going, consider moving in a circle from left to right to make her move her feet. To become a successful rider, you should be able to get your horse to move whenever you want to.

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    Considering spend three to four hours with your horse on a daily basis. This will improve the trust levels between you and your horse. Play with her and brush her all over her body to get her used to being handled.

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    Allow your horse to smell the saddle pad; this will be an excellent way to introduced her to it. Place it on her back so she get used to the load and how it feels. Remember to be gentle when placing the saddle pad on the horse. Also, if you feel the horse is nervous or anxious then take your time and reassure the horse that everything is okay before putting a saddle pad on.

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