How to Survive a Bear Attack

Getting attacked by a bear is something that no one hopes to happen to them, but when it comes to hiking and travelling in the wilderness for recreational or any other purpose, it is important to be ready for anything that may come your way. One thing that is always a possibility is a bear attack.

Usually, bears do not attack humans but there can be situations in which the bear is feeling in danger or could be hungry, which would lead the animal to attack the first thing that it sees. Follow some simple guidelines to learn how to survive a bear attack.

Things Required:

Bear Pepper Spray


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    Brown Bear Attack

    A brown bear is different from black bears, which is why there are different ways to react to situations with the two of them.

    The first thing to remember is to always travel with bear pepper spray which should always be close to your hands when travelling in grizzly country. This should be accessible like in a holster or in your front pocket because there will be only a few seconds of time that you will have in order to respond.

    You should not wait for the bear to come close to you in order for the spray to take effect. Bear pepper spray is usually made powerful enough to hit the bear at a far distance. Begin firing it towards the bear as soon as possible and aim it towards the face.

    If the bear does not run away after that, it is smart to lie down and play dead. Remember to cover the back of your neck with your hands while lying down on the ground face down. The main intention of the bear is not to eat you but to reduce the threat. Play dead for at least 20 minutes, or until the bear is able to sense that you are not moving and there is no threat any longer.

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    Black Bear Attack

    Black bears are a little different because they will not buy into you playing dead. With a black bear, you need to stand strong and act like you are more powerful than it. This can be done by making as much noise as possible, flailing your arms as much as possible, using anything in sight like sticks, stones and even your bicycle if you have one.

    Be very, very aggressive in this regard!

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