How to Catch and Hold a Dragonfly

Dragonflies are large-bodied insects which start their lives inside the water. Their legs are arranged like a basket which is used to catch other insects such as mosquitoes, flies and moths. They have a lifespan of about six months to six years. Dragonflies fast speed let them catch their prey even while they are in the air.

Dragonflies come in several different shapes, types and sizes. Catching dragonflies for fun or for examination may be tricky because of their sharp eyesight and fast speed. Some people are afraid of getting a nasty sting by a dragonfly but there is no need of fearing these beautiful creatures as they are harmless to us.

Things Required:

– Dark-coloured net


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    First of all you need to locate the area where dragonflies are found. You need to observe that area carefully. You will find many dragonflies near small bodies of water as they like to eat mosquitoes. Do a little research to find the best place where the most dragonflies are present.

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    After locating the area you need to position yourself properly in order to catch the dragonfly. You need to stand slightly behind where these beautiful creatures are flying. You can even stand behind a plant or greenery in order to keep out of sight of dragonflies. Be sure not to make any sudden movements and remain very patient. It might takeĀ  some time before you see dragonflies flying past you.

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    Holding the net

    Next you need to hold the net in a way that you require less amount of movement for catching dragonflies. In order to avoid swinging the net you can hold it with its opening slightly tilted up. You will want to basically scoop up a dragonfly and not swat at one with the net. You will need to be extremely careful so that you do not injure the dragonfly in any way.

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    Swing the net

    In the end you should make your move from behind. You should then swing your dark-coloured net under the dragonfly so that the insect does not notice your movements. The dragonfly will have less time to react to this move and thus will be captured easily. Twist the end of the net so that the dragonfly does not find its way out and flies away.

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    Be sure that you have a decent container made from wire mesh to hold the dragonflies that you catch with your net. Make sure that you do not move the container around too much as this can injure the dragonflies inside.

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