How to Protect Small Pets from Birds

If you live in some remote area of the town and hear frequent incidents of wild birds and animals attacking your pets, you take extra care to protect them. Even in some urban areas, wild animals such foxes and birds like Ravens can possibly attack your pet animals. So protection is the best option at all places and at all times. You can cage your pet when you are  not around, but make sure you do not leave it unsupervised, especially at night, as the potential of an attack increases manifolds at night times.


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    Keep Your Pets Caged

    You should not leave your pet outside, particularly at night time. It is better to cage them or lock them in their shelters, whatever you have arranged for their protection.

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    Supervise Pets Outside

    Do not leave your pet out alone during any time of the day and particularly at night. Always supervise the movements of your pet and even if you are busy, do not lose them out of your sight. Wild predators are well aware when an opportunity can arise to harm pets and make them their prey.

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    Survey Your Property Surroundings

    Wild birds can often make nests on the rooftops or in the branches of a tree near your property and you  might not be aware of it. It is better that you survey surroundings of your property to know possible nesting locations of wild birds and their frequent visits to a particular place.

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    Build Fences

    One way to educate your pets that they should not go beyond a certain boundary line is to build a fence around your property, especially in the garden area. It is possible that your cats or small dogs go out at early hours of night for a walk or play around. If you have a fence in place they can be protected against any unwanted attack of wild birds. This way you can also learn about an attack on your pet quickly and take necessary measures to protect it. Fences also give a message of caution to an outside predator that the area is well protected.

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    Do Not leave Feeders Outside

    Leaving feeding pots outside attracts wild animals at night, and they can be targets of wild birds and at the same time pose a risk to your pet animals. You should either cover all feeding pots at night or take them inside your home.

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