More Than Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

It’s not your usual animal education.

Colby’s Xtreme Pets in Colleyville, TX features exotic animal exhibits, petting zoos, an interactive tour, parties, and event entertainment with their unusual creatures.

Capuchin and spider monkeys, Kinkajous, Coatimundi, Kangaroos, Wallabies, and deer are just some of the strange creatures that kids can learn about.

Colby’s, a small, family-run business focusing on the health and welfare of exotics, can bring the zoo to you. They are a licensed USDA company.

Their newest additions are Munchkins, Napoleon Kittens, and Ringtail Lemur babies. Their retail location features a small, exotic animal pet store where you can find all the unusual animals not found in a typical pet place. Napoleons are Munchkins mixed with exotic shorthairs, Persians, or Himalayans

All standard kittens are placed at a minimum of 12 weeks of age to approved homes and discounts are given to multiple purchases. Standard is short legs, non-standard is long.

The store also sells domestic animals, rescue pets, and supplies. Staff educates the public before they buy an animal. Some other pets they sell include Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, and Chinchillas.

Sugar Gliders are said to be friendly and are handled from the first day they are born by the store. They are ready to be adopted at six weeks old. Hedgehogs are available year round and Chinchillas babies most of the year. The Ring-Tailed Lemurs come already on a bottle, vet checked, and with a health certificate. Some counties and cities don’t allow exotics.

Colby’s usually sells Marmosets but don’t have any available right now. When they leave with their adopted families they are wearing a diaper and have a bottle. Marmoset owners get support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, seven days a week from the store staff.

The store also carries Common Genets, small cat-like animals from North Africa and occasionally has small breed puppies.

Deposits on animals are non-refundable and pictures with animals are available for an extra fee.

Birthday parties, field trips, and educational events are available seven days a week. There is a party room in the store where all parties are held. In off-site events six or seven exotics are brought to educate the public. A walk-through petting zoo can be set up for larger events Inside parties are limited to 12 children for each party due to limited space and parties may also be held outside at their facilities. Certain animals are excluded from pictures.

One Ringtail Lemur, Velcro, will sit on your shoulder and pose for a photo. Some of the exotics are located at another location a few hours away.

Colby’s also has male Munchkin cat studs. Marleevo’s Dark Warrior “Worf,” an exotic shorthair Persian has won numerous cat shows. Another, Loprofile’s Smoky Bandit, a black smoke and white longhair Standard Munchkin, is said to bring in a different breed of kitten in the future.

The exotic animal exhibit is located behind the store.

The female cats in the small cattery are the Munchkin Queens. Included are Loprofile’s Jasmine Beauty, a Lilac Standard and Loprofile’s Sassy Cat, a Brown Patched Torbie Standard Napoleon. The newest kitten addition is Loprifile’s Blueberry Dum Dum.

Colby’s is located at 6405 Colleyville Boulevard.

For more information call 817-581-3506 or go to on the web.

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