Pet and Animal Rescue Groups in Oklahoma

There are many reasons why a rescue group is important to a community. They help take care of the feral cat population by capturing, spaying and neutering them and the releasing them back to their colony. Feral cats do not make good pets. Most of them have been wild all their lives and do not know how to live with humans. Every day, more animals are put to sleep in America than human babies are born. By offering low cost spay/neuter programs these rescue groups help control the pet overpopulation problem. IF they are in rural areas, many of them rescue horses from auctions that would send them to slaughter houses to be made into pet or yes even human food.

These organizations are private, tax exempt organizations. Any adoption fees or donations are tax deductible. If you need to get rid of a pet, do not just let it go. Bring it to a shelter or rescue group and let it find a new family. They are always in need of donations and not only money. Check out the want lists on the sites. Many of them can use old blankets and other items that you might not need and are looking to get rid of. They can get a donation if you donate a used car in their name. They hold bottle drives and make good use of the deposit money they get back. They get paid for used cell phones and used printer cartridges. They get what they need and you get a tax donation. It is a win, win situation.. If you can donate just an hour or two a week, become a volunteer. Many of the groups and shelters have special programs for children to become volunteers. It is a great learning experience. Become a foster family for an animal while they are waiting for a permanent home. Shop in their on line stores. They have very nice gifts for that animal lover in your life. Participate in their fund raisers. Many of the shelters have interesting things going on like , tag sales, raffles etc. Many of them operate thrift shops They are always looking for used clothing and other items that are in good condition to see there. Maybe you are looking for something. Give their thrift shops a try. You never know what you may find. Everything goes to the animals. Maybe you are looking to go out for a dinner. Did you know that many of these organizations have fund-raising dinner and some of them have local restaurants that will donate a portion of a days receipts to a local shelter? So contact your local center and see what special things they have going on

Theses rescue groups arranged by county. If you do not see a shelter or rescue group in your county, call the one nearest you. If they cannot help, they will be glad to refer you to one who can. Be sure to check nearby states. A shelter and or rescue group should be an important part of the community, a place where everyone get involved in o ne way or the other.

Canadian County, Oklahoma Animal Rescue Groups

Pets and People (cats and dogs)

Cleveland County, Oklahoma Animal Rescue Groups

Blue Hawk (cats and dogs)
Check out the events on the main page.

Second Chance (cats and dogs)
Check the page for up coming spay/neuter clinics Also check out the events page.

Creek County, Oklahoma Animal Rescue Groups

Paws Pals (cats and dogs)

Grady County, Oklahoma Animal Rescue Groups

Friends with 4 Paws (dogs only)

Jackson County, Oklahoma Animal Rescue Groups

Alatus Animal Aid (cats and dogs)

Southwest Oklahoma Animal Network (cats and dogs)

McClain County, Oklahoma Animal Rescue Groups

OK Saints Rescue ( Saint Bernards only)

Oklahoma County, Oklahoma Animal Rescue Groups

Animal Rescue Friends (cats and dogs)

Cats and People (cats and dogs)

Free to Live (cats and dogs)
They have some awesome events coming up Check them out.

Rogers County, Oklahoma Animal Rescue Groups

Rogers County Humane Society

Tulsa County, Oklahoma Animal Rescue Groups

Oklahoma Animal Welfare Association( cats, dogs, birds and small animals)

Small Paws Rescue

Tulsa Animal Shelter (cats and dogs)
They have low cost spay/neuter programs

Tulsa Boxer Rescue
They need foster homes and donations. They are in an emergency situation.

Washington County, Oklahoma Animal Rescue Groups

Animal Rescue Foundation of Bartlesville, OK ( cats and dogs)
They have a list of several low cost spay/neuter programs. They also have a program that assists disabled pet owners with pet expenses

Washington County SPCA (cats and dogs)
They have a listing of several different low cost spay/neuter programs Check out the events page, They have some great events coming up. Attend one, have a good time and help the animals

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