Finding Homes for Puppies and Kittens

Puppies and kittens are so cute – loved by millions – but, even still, it’s very difficult to find good homes for them. Most people that love animals already have a pet or two and don’t want another. Many people don’t like to take the litters to the animal shelter for fear that they will be put to sleep when no one adopts them. Most shelters do manage to find homes for small pets so consider your local shelter as a place that will take the litter off your hands – for free.

If you’re simply not comfortable taking the little ones to the animal shelter try calling some vets and ask if you can place a picture and an ad on their bulletin board. Most vets have a board for those looking to sell, purchase or give away animals. Be sure to state in the ad whether or not any monetary donation is required.

Run an ad in the local paper – particularly if you have a paper that allows free ads. Ads aren’t cheap nowadays so this method is best reserved for pure-breed pets that are sure to be adopted. Mutts are cute but may not be snatched up as quickly as some popular breeds. You can also take advantage of online resources where you can place free ads for your local area.

Another great way to find a home for the pets is to go where lots of kids are. Take the litter to the park but keep them in a box or bin. Most park regulations forbid dogs or cats of any size to simple roam. Ask children, and adults, as they walk by if they would like a pet. Count on getting at least a little interest since some parents are easily convinced by excited children to take one home.

Visiting busy store fronts with the litter is another way to find them new homes. Don’t enter the store with the pets and, if asked to leave, do so without hesitation. Most store managers will say nothing if you stand out front and offer to give the puppies away. If you’re selling them you may be asked to leave. Even if you want no money for them the manager still has a right to ask you to move along, so do that if you must.

If you desperately need to get rid of the pets, give something away free with each animal, such as a bag of food or a litter box. Or, go to a dollar-oriented store and make a “goody bag” for each pet, with a can of food, a water dish and a chew toy. It’s well worth the couple bucks to find each animal a good home.

Consider showing the pets to people on their way out of a grocery store, department store, ice cream parlor, movies, amusement parks or anywhere that you might see lots of kids. Allow at least a couple of hours to find homes for an entire litter because many people will turn you down before one takes advantage of the offer. Lots of people love pets, and you probably do too, but we can’t keep dozens so we try to find them loving homes. Don’t give up trying. Start attempting to find homes when the animals are old enough to eat from a bowl.

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