Halloween Safety for Pets

Children are not he only trick-or-treaters out this Halloween! Just like their two-legged counterparts, four-legged trick -or-treaters need to be kept safe. Here are ten ways to be sure your pet has a happy Halloween.

  • Always carry or have your pet on a leash when outside this season. During trick-or-treat times, pet costumes can be snagged on shrubs or parked vehicles. Costumed people may be scary for your pet and cause them to be unusually skittish or aggressive. Sadly, pets often become the mark of belligerent tricksters during Halloween, so never leave your pet unattended outside.
  • Be sure costumes are safe. While hats that slip over eyes and noses might be annoying for us, they can be scary for pets. Be sure that a pet has a clear view peripherally and that noses and whiskers are not covered. Any ties should be secured to a collar instead of around necks. Better yet, there are many costumes available now with safer Velcro closures.
  • Be visible. Add a reflector to your pet’s costume for night time visibility. This year there are many new glowing and reflective collars and leashes available. Blinkers, mini LED lights that hook to collars, can be visible for up to half a mile away!
  • Human costumes are not for pets. While colored hair sprays and makeups may seem like a quick way to transform your pet, they can cause uncomfortable rashes and skin conditions that outlast Halloween night.
  • Hide your candy well. Candy will make pets sick. Chocolate can even kill a pet. So put your trick-or-treat stash in a safe location and just provide furry friends with their own special treats.
  • Make your own treats. Have fun by creating Halloween shaped cookies and treats for your pets. This is a fun way to be sure that your friend is only getting safe, healthy food.
  • Decorate safely. Light jack-o-lanterns with glow sticks instead of candles or be sure to place them out of reach of paws and tails. Hanging cords for electric lights are not much safer than candles since pets can become entangled.
  • Animals do NOT party. Let guests know that it is not okay to feed or give drinks to your pet. For guests that just can not resist, provide a well marked jar of treats that they can give your companion. Consider taking your pet to a sitter during the party unless they are very friendly. The stress of a party may not be such a treat for your pet.
  • Plenty of water. Added stress and extra heat from costumes may cause your pet be dehydrated easily. Be sure that water bowls are kept full.
  • Current I.D. Just in case your beloved pet does get separated from you while trick-or-treating or escapes out the door during a party, be sure that your pet is carrying up to date I.D. tags on their collar.

Just remember to be considerate of your pet’s feelings and safety this season and Halloween will be happy for the whole family!

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