Getting Your Child Their First Pet

Pets attract children all over the world. There is a very wide variety for them to choose from. There are guinea pig’s, dogs, cat’s even rats. Most adults are also very fond of pets. When a child is properly trained and guided by their parents, children can learn to care well for their pets. They can first be given the responsibility to feel and look after the pet. Having a pet can be a very educational experience for children. For years parents have used pets to show their children the right viewpoint toward all living things. For example not to be cruel or causing the pet to suffer. The one problem many parents eventually face is that most children often tire of the responsibility or are forgetful. The enthusiasm soon begins to dwindle. So if you are considering giving your child their first pet remember that it is you the adult who will bear most of the final responsibility.

Proper hygiene is necessary and important for any pet, but even more so for young children. Pet’s cages and kennels should always be cleaned on a daily basis. Some pets also need regular grooming and bathing as well. You should also consider how much physical contact with humans would be needed for your pet. Keep in mind that most pets use their tongue as their washcloth, which they also use for all parts of their body. And since the animals are equipped to handle the germs that they ingest, children are not. You should never encourage your child to kiss any pet. You will also want to make sure that your pet has their own feeding dishes and should not be allowed to lick plates used by you and your family. This is actually a very serious matter; animals and birds have many diseases that can be transmitted to humans if sensible precautions are not taken. Some pets even bite.

Some very young children do not realize that their pressing and squeezing may be painful to an animal and that it may result in permanent harm. If you do consider having a pet or already have one, then obviously a basic knowledge of its food and health needs is essential. A few minutes’ instruction is not enough. Most pet stores usually have helpful publications about animal care. Take your time and choose wisely.

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