Crittertrail Cages and Accessories

Crittertrail is one of a few well-known brands of small animal cages and accessories especially designed for hamsters, gerbils, and mice. Crittertrail offers a colorful line of small animal cages and accessories that make observing hamsters, gerbils, and mice a whole lot of fun. Crittertrail provides various sizes of small animal cages and a series of connecting clear colored tubes, exercise wheels, and much more. The following information on Crittertrail products for small animals such as hamsters, gerbils, and mice, will help you decide if Crittertrail is the cage and accessory brand you want to invest in. You can view all of the Crittertrail cages and accessories at Pets International, Ltd.

Crittertrail One

Crittertrail One is a nice starter cage for hamsters, gerbils, and mice. Crittertrail One comes with an interior exercise wheel, water bottle, dish, and a loft area. The loft area is called a “petting zone.” The petting zone has a lid that can be opened so you can interact with your small pets.

I bought Crittertrail One for my hamster, and it’s the perfect size for one or two small animals. I have since added a few of the optional accessories to give my hamster more room to climb and play. I added the optional outhouse, the snap-on wheel, and the loop-d-loop. These Crittertrail accessories were a part of an expansion pack, and buying them as a set saved a considerable amount of money.

Crittertrail Two

Crittertrail Two is larger than Crittertrail One, and Crittertrail Two can comfortably accommodate a family of hamsters, gerbils, or mice. Crittertrail Two has two roomy platforms. One platform provides access to the water bottle, and the other provides extra space. A ground level funnel connects to a petting zone. This small animal cage also has a removable plastic exercise wheel. This cage can be easily connected to the other cages in the Crittertrail line of small animal cages.

Crittertrail Three

Crittertrail Three is even bigger than Crittertrail Two, and it includes everything that comes with the other Crittertrail cages plus more. This multilevel small animal cage will provide lots of room for your hamsters, gerbils, or mice. This Crittertrail cage provides three platforms that furnish additional space for fun. A long funnel leads from the floor of the cage to the very top where you can open the petting zone and interact with your furry friends. Hamsters, gerbils, and mice love to make their beds in the petting zone, and you’ll enjoy having a bird’s eye view of their activities.

Crittertrail Classic

Crittertrail Classic is clearly a classic animal cage in the Crittertrail line of cages. This colorful smaller cage is perfect for one or two hamsters, gerbils, or mice, and it comes with a water bottle, dish, and plastic exercise wheel. Also included is a lookout tower. Gerbils, hamsters, and mice love to use the lookout tower as a place to make their bed. This small cage can be easily connected to any of the other cages in the Crittertrail line of cages.

Crittertrail X

This space age-looking Crittertrail cage has a lot of built-in accessories. Included with this neon purple and green Crittertrail cage is an “XtremeWheel,” a petting zone, and a fun and unique curly slide. Also included are a dish, and a water bottle. Like all of the other Crittertrail cages, this cage is completely clear so you can watch your hamsters, gerbils, or mice in their daily activities. You’ll love the look of this Crittertrail small animal cage.

Crittertrail Mini One

Crittertrail Mini One is perfect for taking your hamsters, gerbils, or mice along for the ride. This miniature cage is also a perfect home away from home while you’re cleaning your pet’s main home. Crittertrail Mini One includes a small water bottle, and a dish, and it can be connected to all of the other Crittertrail cages if you want to provide your hamsters, gerbils, or mice with added living space.

Crittertrail Mini Two

Crittertrail Mini Two has more to offer than Crittertrail Mini One. This miniature Crittertrail habitat comes complete with a dish, small water bottle, and an exercise wheel. This small Crittertrail cage would also make a great addition to one of the many other Crittertrail cages.


Crittertrail funnels are actually known as “fun-nels” in the Crittertrail line of small animal products. These funnels are clear colored corrugated tubes that connect accessories, and they will provide a connection to any of the Crittertrail cages. There is a U-turn funnel, t-shaped funnel, a 10-inch funnel tube, funnel elbows, and 3 Ã?½-inch funnel tubes. There are also funnel bubble plugs, and funnel rings. The bubble plugs are bubble-shaped plugs that block open funnel holes where future connections can be made. The funnel rings are necessary to connect the funnels to each other, and to accessories for Crittertrail cages.

If you plan on adding onto your Crittertrail cage for your hamsters, gerbils, or mice, consider buying a value pack of funnels. Buying a set of funnels is more economical than buying funnels one at a time, and you’ll have extra funnels to create extra fun for your hamsters, gerbils, or mice.


Hamsters are actually very clean animals, and they usually potty in just one area of their cage. This is why the optional Crittertrail outhouse was invented. Special litter designed for small animals and a scoop are available for the outhouse, and this makes cleaning your Crittertrail cage much easier.

I haven’t yet purchased the litter or scoop for my Crittertrail outhouse, and I probably won’t. My hamster has turned her outhouse into a comfy bed, and she fills it to the top with cedar bedding. She has chosen her loop-d-loop attachment as a potty area. Every few days I carefully remove the loop-d-loop from the top of the cage, and I wash it out with hot soapy water. The loop-d-loop is very easy to take apart and clean.

You can also buy an “XtremeWheel” for your hamsters, gerbils, or mice. This space age wheel runs around an oval track perched atop the cage. The XtremeWheel is a fun way to watch your small animals exercise and have a good time.

A snap-on wheel is also an accessory you can add to your Crittertrail cage at a later date. The wheel is clear and colorful, and it makes a great addition to any Crittertrail cage. Although most Crittertrail cages come with an exercise wheel, if you have more than one small animal sharing a cage, it’s nice to provide an extra wheel so all of your furry friends can get the exercise they crave.

The “Lazy Look-out” is also an optional accessory you can add to your Crittertrail cage. If you have an extra opening at the top of your Crittertrail cage, consider the Lazy Look-out. You will provide your hamsters, mice, and gerbils with a round lookout tower that will furnish the extra space they need to play or sleep.

Although many of the Crittertrail cages come with the above-mentioned Crittertrail accessories, these accessories are compatible with any Crittertrail cage. These Crittertrail accessories will provide you with endless options for designing a Crittertrail habitat for your hamsters, mice, or gerbils.

Review of Crittertrail Products

Crittertrail One was fairly easy to assemble. I simply looked at the pictures on the box while I assembled the cage. I thought this cage would be the perfect cage for my new hamster. The clear colored connectors and compartments make it easy to observe the habits and antics of small animals. It’s a fun product that can easily be expanded on, but I changed my mind a few times before coming to a conclusion regarding Crittertrail products for hamsters, mice, and gerbils.

When I attempted to clean the cage for the first time, I discovered the parts that had been fairly easy to put together were very difficult to take apart. I must admit that it was very frustrating. I thought I’d break the parts before they would come apart, but I eventually removed the connectors, and cleaned all of the parts. I couldn’t imagine doing this chore every single week, and I regretted buying the cage. I was very disappointed with the difficulty of taking this cage apart, and I wished on more than one occasion that I hadn’t purchased it. Cleaning the cage seemed to take a great deal of time and effort. I wished I had bought a simple aquarium.

I’ve since changed my mind, and overall I am happy with Crittertrail One. I’ve discovered the more the connections are taken apart the easier they are to remove. One word of warning though – the hard plastic is brittle and does not give at all, and when trying to attach the clip that holds the wheel assembly to the cage, I broke off a tiny tab. The cage still stays together, but I now realize how easy it is to break the plastic, and I’m much more careful.

The snap-on wheel is a neat accessory, but I have a complaint with this Crittertrail item. Although there is a removable collection cup for small animal waste, sometimes the gaps between the wheel and the cage leak. I thought about taking the snap-on wheel off my Crittertrail cage to eliminate the mess, but I solved the problem by putting paper towels beneath the cage. The wheel is nearly impossible to take apart, so when I clean the snap-on wheel I simply put it in a sink of hot soapy water.

Despite my initial problems with taking apart the Crittertrail cage for cleaning, I would recommend Crittertrail products. Crittertrail is compatible with Habitrail and S.A.M. cages and connectors, and overall, Crittertrail seems to be a good quality product. Crittertrail cages and accessories are a good concept, but they are somewhat impractical when it comes to cleaning. Even still I am happy I bought my Crittertrail cage and accessories. Consider buying one of the many Crittertrail cages for your small animal. The enjoyment you’ll receive from watching your small animal is well worth the cost and effort.

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