How to Take Care of a Goldfish

The amazing colour and intelligent demeanour of goldfish makes it a wonderful pet. It is particularly popular among kids as goldfish don’t make noise or keep you up all night like other pets. Goldfish are easily available in pet stores and look fabulous swimming in their bowls or tanks. However, keeping a goldfish as a pet requires commitment as there are many different things that you have to maintain in order for your pet to remain healthy. Follow some important instructions to help you learn how to take care of a goldfish.

Things Required:

– Fish Bowl or Aquarium
– Goldfish
– Accessories (air pump, filter, chlorine remover)
– Fish Flakes or Pellets


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    The first thing to take care of is a home for the fish. While fish bowls are easier and cheaper to get, an aquarium with a proper filter, air pump and chlorine remover is appropriate for the long term. The chlorine remover helps in disposal of toxic chlorine accumulated in the tank over time. The kit will keep the temperature and water PH in check, ensuring the survival of the fish. These kits are available at most pet stores. The tank should be covered at all times. Place the tank in a location like near a window to make sure that it gets natural sunlight for at least eight hours. Natural light prevents fading of the fish's skin colour.

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    The water in the tank should be changed at least once a week. Ideally some water should be run off daily and a fresh amount added to make sure that the fish gets a fresh influx of water and oxygen.

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    Feed the goldfish using flakes or pellets on a daily basis. These can be acquired from the local pet store. Kids can also be trained to do the job so that they are able to take care of the pet themselves. Make it a routine. Other food options include worms, shrimp and algae which are natural food for the goldfish. However, do not feed the fish more than once in a day.

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    The tank or bowl should be cleaned every month. Baking powder can be used to clean the tank. Rinse it off well with clean water before filling with fresh water for the fish. Meanwhile, keep the fish in a large bowl while you clean the tank.

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