How to Register a Horse without Papers

If you want to have an attested record of your horse’s breed and ancestry then registering your horse is the best choice. Moreover, most organisations demand a registered horse to be put in competitive shows or for breeding purposes.

Things can become difficult if you don’t have the required documents for this registration procedure. However, don’t worry as you won’t have to bend or break any law. All you need to do is to cooperate with a veterinarian. Registering a horse without papers can be quite a challenging procedure but with a couple of easy tips you can get the job done.


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    Contact your veterinarian:

    First, you should call your veterinarian and ask for an appointment. Remember, you are required to provide a copy of the health certificate at the time of registration. That is why, it’s important to get your horse checked by a veterinarian. The medical expert will validate the age, breed, physical condition and issue a certificate that the horse is free of disease.

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    Choose a name for your horse:

    You should think of a name for your horse as it’s necessary to get permission for competitive shows. You may have to check the availability of a name but it is not a big deal. There are many websites that can provide you with the required information.

  • 3

    Get the application form:

    Your next step will be to get an application form from the local office of the registration authority. However, if it’s not possible then visit the official website and download the form. Sometimes, the registration authorities mail the application form upon request.

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    Fill out the form:

    Now, you are required to read the form thoroughly and provide all the information accurately. After filling out the form, you should get it attested by your veterinarian. It is to validate that the documents attached with the registration application are original.

  • 5

    Attach photos:

    You should attach at least two photos of your horse as almost every association demands a copy of the application along with pictures of the animal.

  • 6

    Submit the application:

    The fee will be just $20 if you are not going through an agent. Submit your application to the relevant person and wait patiently for the completion of the procedure. The good thing is that your horse can participate in any competition if the application has been processed.

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