Where to Find Pet Accommodations While Traveling

Some families would love to take their pet along on the next vacation but they fear it will be too much trouble. Many people are under the assumption that motels don’t accept animals as guests, and although that’s true in most cases, some motels actually welcome pets. In most large cities you can locate at least one motel which allows dogs or cats to spend the night. Such motels often charge an extra fee for accommodating the animal, to allow for any special cleaning needs, but the rates aren’t usually unreasonable.

While traveling, motels that accept pets are a blessing since they allow you to bring the pet along rather than kennel it. That being the case, consider planning an entire vacation with your pet. There are literally thousands of places that love animals like particular restaurants, ice cream parlors, even doggie spas.

Most public parks allow pets as long as they are leashed and the owner is willing to clean up after him. The same is true of national parks, allowing you to bring your pet along for a week of camping, swimming and hiking. There are bed and breakfasts, training camps, even summer camps and resorts that are agreeable about letting your pet stay and play. Some camps book animals for the week or just the weekend. These specialty animal camps provide entertainment, exercise and delicious cuisine made especially for your pet. Call ahead for rates and openings. You may even find a place that allows your pet to go on vacation at the camp while the family travels on down the road for adventures in other regions. More than a kennel, most of these facilities tend to your pet as if it were their own.

Pets can become car sick so take precautions such as not overfeeding and making sure the animal gets plenty of stops for fresh air and water. Take along a spray that removes odors along with plastic bags, paper towels and wet wipes to tend to any accident the pet might have while riding. Feed the dog small amounts frequently, while stopped. Feeding the dog during car motion can make the animal nauseous.

When flying with a pet make sure that the pet is at least 8 weeks old and has been weaned for a week. Elderly, injured or sick animals should not travel by plane. If the pet is small enough to fit in a carrier that will slide under the seat he will not have to ride in cargo. All other pets are considered cargo and will ride in the cargo compartment. Inquire as to the conditions in the cargo area, such as heat or dangerous chemicals, before boarding your pet. Try to choose non-stop flights to avoid hassles like having the pet boarded on the wrong plane.

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