How to Catch a Perch Fish With Dead Minnows

Perch, also known as pan fish, is a small fish that is famous for its taste and nourishing elements. This fish gains approximately 2 pounds in no time but it does not grow much in length. Perch are found in rivers, fresh water lakes and even in small ponds but catching them is not that easy as you think.

You need to be very tactful from setting up the rod to unhooking the fish. However, if you have followed all the provisions then you just need an action rod, line spinning wheel and minnows to catch Perch.


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    Gear up:

    You must be fully prepared for this venture. First of all, set up the rod by bringing all the pieces together. Attach the reel to its seat and then close the bail of reel with a margin of 3 to 4 feet of line. The next thing you need to do is to tie on a hook and moist the knot of hook to avoid any breakage. You may attach some weights to keep the line under water.

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    Locate the position of fish:

    Your next step will be to find out the area where Perch congregate. These small fish does not go deep in the water. The best time to set on voyage is early morning as Perch remains on the surface in search of food. However, you will have to select a specific area to minimise the effort.

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    Be careful while approaching:

    The most important thing in catching Perch is to approach discreetly. You must know that this species is very sensitive any noise will scatter them as a sign of danger. Make sure that you are not alarming them otherwise you won’t be able to catch even a single fish.

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    Attach the minnow to hook:

    When you are close to a group of Perch, attach minnows to your hook and make your rod ready for action. There are several ways to attach a minnow but you should go for the simplest method which is to push the hook through the head of the minnow and take it out from other side.

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    Cast the line:

    Now, you need to throw the bait close to Perch and entice them to have a bite. You will feel a light thump when the Perch will attack.

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    Pull up:

    Be patient and do not pull the hook up when the Perch takes the minnow. When the reel comes to its limit then give a sudden jerk. Congratulations, you have caught a Perch fish.

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