How to Run Poles on A Horse

Pole bending or running poles is a rodeo event is really exciting. It involves six poles positioned in a straight line and each placed 21 feet apart. You need to ride and weave your horse through the six poles. It is a difficult sport and you can buy the equipments such as bases and poles easily from online equine supply stores. However, you should know how to ride a horse and have a trained horse before running poles.

Things Required:

– Flat, disked ground or rodeo arena
– Six PVC poles and bases
– Snaffle bit


  • 1


    You need to start from one end of the rodeo arena and move towards the pole. You should be on the right side  and then ride alongside the poles. You need to walk until you reach the pole on the opposite side or the pole which lie furthest away from the point you started.

  • 2

    Turn left

    After reaching the pole furthest away from starting point, you need to turn left. Your front side should be facing towards the remaining poles.

  • 3

    Weave around the poles

    Now you need to weave around these poles. You should avoid knocking down any poles or five seconds will be added to your time in a match. After you reach the last pole, you need to turn right.

  • 4

    Weave back

    After turning right, you need to weave back in the same pattern until you reach the last pole. Turn left after reaching the final pole.

  • 5

    Go where you started

    Now you need to ride to the place where you started i.e. at the end of the arena. Remember that you should not stop unless you cross the timer.

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    Continue doing this until your horse learns and successfully do pole bending. Remember that it may take few days or weeks before your horse gets better in this.

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