Demand for Organic Pet Food

Demand for Organic Pet Food

In 2003, Domestic pet food sales reached, nearly $15 billion, compared to sales, of organic pet foods $14 million. Organic pet foods increased sales of sixty-three percent, from previous year. The increase is three times more, than human organic foods sold, during same period. Pet organic foods, do not contain, any preservatives, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics. Many organic pet foods are hypoallergenic, not containing any ingredients, as wheat gluten, causing skin or digestive disorders, from allergies. Many pet owners believe, pets eating organic foods, have fewer medical problems, despite costing almost, twice as much, as regular pet food. But, saving cost, for veterinarian bills. Pet owners should, contact their veterinarian, advising on switching to organic pet food and recommendation, purchasing organic pet foods.

Many grocery stores, pet stores and online websites, entered the lucrative business, selling organic pet foods. Nell Newman, cofounder of Newman’s Own Organics (Premium Pet food), and daughter of actor Paul Newman, sells organic pet foods for dogs and cats, contain certified ingredients of chicken, vegetables, and grains. Organics pet foods are sold at Whole Foods Market. Petguard sells dog and cat USDA (United States Depart of Agriculture) certified organic foods. Petco stores sell organic pet treats, and organic bird food.

Many pet foods for dogs and cats contain cranberries. In 2005, study conducted by Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes of the Center for Business Research at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, surveyed 44 North American Pet food manufactures. Thirty-eight percent of those, pet food manufactures use cranberries. Cranberries contain anti-adhesion, preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs). The American Animal Hospital Association suggests, mixing two ounces of cranberry juice into pet’s food, as a preventive measure. Ten – Fifteen percent of cats suffer urinary tract infection. Many pet food manufactures, add fruit various forms, in their products, using cranberry powder, some juice, and whole cranberries. Nutro Products use cranberry powder, for Natural Choice Dental Care dog food – “helps fight bacteria that can cause bad breath.” Doctor Foster & Smith Incorporated sells, Cranberry Treats for Cats, preventing urinary tract health problem.

Effective January 1, 2003, California Organic Products Act, became law. Any business processing organic foods, including pet foods, must register with the Department of Food and Drug Branch (FDB), under the Organic Processed Product Registration Program (OPPR), and pay an annual registration fee. Information provided to the State, includes ingredients, as claimed to be organic. The FDB provides annual report to the Organic Products Advisory Committee, insures credibility of organic food sold.

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