Top 10 Most Endangered Animal Species in World

Man has made a lot of progress over the past 50 years and our style  and standard of life has changed drastically. However, with the evolution of science and the modern techniques which it has introduced, nature has been put in danger, in most of the cases. Hundreds of creatures, which ruled this planet some 100 years ago, have vanished from the face of earth, due to man’s urge to use the earthly resources.

The biggest threat to wildlife has been through the extinction of forests. The process has not stopped and there are various animals endangered with extinction at the moment. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has been trying to spread awareness amongst people about the endangered species and  came out with a list of such animals in 2012, which has been detailed in this article.


  • 1

    The right whale

    The right whale was named after the hunters thought it was ‘right’ for them to hunt it for oil. It is a beautiful creature and lives all over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. There are several laws protecting this specie from being hunted, but it is extremely close to extinction.

  • 2


    Another aquatic animal under the threat of extinction is vaquita, which means small cow in Spanish. There are only 150 of such creatures left in the waters and the IUCN has been trying its level best to protect it from extinction.

  • 3

    Greater bamboo lemur

    There are only 60-100 greater bamboo lemurs left on this planet. Earlier, they were thought to be extinct, but luckily some of their species are still alive. However, they are highly endangered at the moment.

  • 4

    Mako shark

    Another sea creature being hunted illegally is the mako shark, which is popular for its fins. This fish is listed in the vulnerable category of the IUCN’s most endangered animals.

  • 5

    Leather back sea turtle

    Another critically endangered aquatic animal is the leather back sea turtle. These turtles are endangered because of accidental hunting.

  • 6

    Mountain gorilla

    These gorillas are also one of the critically endangered animals on planet. There are several measures being taken to protect them from hunting, diseases and other reasons that lead to their death.

  • 7


    The Rhinoceros is killed for its horn, which is quite expensive - according to an estimate a rhino horn can be sold at a price 100 times to that of ivory in the black market. Although its situation is better than some of the other animals, yet the population is coming down.

  • 8

    Amur leopard

    These leopards are killed for their beautiful skin and only a total of 28 are left at the moment.

  • 9

    Giant Panda

    Although the population of giant pandas has improved over the years, yet the IUCN has kept them under the tag of endangered animals.

  • 10


    Just like the Amur leopard, tigers are also killed for their beautiful skin and are listed as one of the highly endangered species on earth.

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