How to Groom Your Horse for a Show

Pets are very common these days, as they make for good companions. However, most people have either dogs or cats, because they are easy to maintain and don’t require much grooming compared to other animals, like horses.

Nevertheless, horses make for excellent pets, but they are extremely expensive, especially the good breeds. If you are amongst those lucky people who are able to afford a horse for a pet, you should be aware of how to properly groom it as well, particularly if you intend to take it to various horse shows.

Things Required:

– A complete grooming kit with body brushes, soft brushes, cloths, hoof pick, comb, and rubber curry
– Show Sheen or similar shine and detangling products
– Braiding elastics, waxed thread and carpet needle
– Hoof polish
– Baby oil or highlighter
– Baby powder or corn starch
– Hoof Picks
– Halter
– Lead Ropes
– Medium-bristled Horse Brush
– Soft-bristled Horse Brush


  • 1

    Secure the horse

    No matter how tamed your horse is, it is recommended that you secure it near you before starting the grooming process. In order to do so, use a single tie and secure your horse to a post. However, the tie should be loose enough that the horse doesn’t panic and hurt itself.

  • 2

    Start brushing

    After securing the horse, start brushing it. If the skin of your pet is sensitive, you should be using a softer brush. Start off with the legs and slowly move onto the other parts of the horse’s body. When you come to the face, be extra careful, since it is very sensitive. You can also try spraying your horse's body to make it shine and sparkle in the sunlight.

  • 3

    Braid the mane

    In order to make the judges notice your horse's neck, braid the mane and secure it with the help of pins. A well groomed mane can really enhance the appearance of your horse.

  • 4

    Clean the hooves

    Remove dirt from the hooves of your horse. Once you are done, polish the hooves carefully and leave them shining for the best results.

  • 5

    Give the final touches

    Depending on the colour of your horse, give the final touches. For example, dust white powder on the legs of your horse, if they are white in colour. In the end, take a step back and carefully look at your horse from every angle to make sure you didnt miss out anything.

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